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Mini Solar Charger

  • Model: TC001A
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This product is a multi-functional solar emergency charger, with a 1350mAh high capacity rechargeable lithium ion battery built in. The green solar energy helps you to contribute to the environmental protection and the charger can be used anywhere and anytime to charge your mobile phones, digital cameras, PDAs, mp3 players, mp4 players and other digital gadgets. The product is sleek, small, easy to carry and trendy-looking.


  • High efficient charging, mono-crystalline silicon wafers or multi-crystalline silicon wafers with high conversion efficiency are used, which enables a high solar energy conversion efficiency of over 16.5%.
  • By charging your mobile phone for 60 minutes, you'll get 180-260 minutes' talk time.
  • Smart charging functions, pre-charging, quick constant current charging, constant voltage charging and equalized charging, all of which contribute to extending the life of the built-in battery effectively.
  • Temperature Compensation Function.
  • The charger has heat adjustment and thermal-shutdown features.
  • Powerful smart protection functions.
  • The charger has protection functions against over charging/discharging, overloading, reverse connection and short circuit.

How to Use

Please charge your solar charger by using one of the following three methods:

  • Place the charger in a place where direct sunlight is projected, thus, solar energy will be transformed to electric energy, which is used to charge the built-in rechargeable battery.
  • Connect the charger with a computer through a USB cord, and you'll see the red indicator is on, which means charging is under way; The indicator turns green when the charger is fully charged. The charging time for full capacity is about 2 hours.
  • Charge the charger through an AC adaptor, and you'll see the red indicator is on, it turns green when the charger is fully charged. The charging time for full capacity is about 1.5 hours.

Compatible With

  • Mobile phones (standard configuration: Nokia, N70, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, model 3511 to Female Socket Connector and mini USB 5pin 6 adaptors.)
  • Digital cameras
  • PDAs
  • mp3 players
  • mp4 players (with built-in rechargeable battery that has a capacity of less than 1200mAh)


  • Please don't scratch the surface of the solar panel with sharp objects.
  • When charging the built-in rechargeable battery through solar energy, please place the solar panel upward in direct sunlight to ensure optimal charging.
  • Please don't charge the built-in rechargeable battery using a computer or AC adaptor for too long, please stop charging immediately when the charging indicator is lit constantly.
  • Please don't use other AC adaptors to charge the solar energy charger.
  • Please don't place the charger outdoors when it's raining.
  • In case of short circuit protection, all you need to do is unplug short-circuit plus load, after which power supply will resume in 10 seconds.

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