Dec 022013

Your smart phone is arguably one of your best friends when you’re traveling. After all, what other device lets you stay in touch with others whilst exploring, has a built in camera and video to capture your best moments and provides you with entertainment and vital information at the same time? Your humble smart phone is quite literally an entire suitcases worth of gizmos and gadgets, usefully packaged into one neat (and devastatingly appealing) shiny package. Yet despite the technological age which we live in, a huge number of people are still not using the functionality of their phone to the max. This especially applies when abroad; at a time when many are wary of using their phone, fearing the risk of incurring large roaming charges. However, arm yourself with the right knowledge, pack the right accessories, and your smart phone will swiftly become your ‘must have’ vacation item, replacing your digital camera, your collection of maps and guide books and even your GPS system.

How the Smart Phone Makes Itself Exceedingly Useful…

Of course, you’re already familiar no doubt with the camera functionality on your phone; and how certain models, boasting superior pixel quality and a number of other high-tech functions and effects, render taking an additional digital camera a fairly pointless venture. However, for keen photographers, don’t make the mistake of regarding your smart phone as inferior to SLR cameras. With additional accessories, such as an SLR style lens and tripod, getting snap-happy suddenly becomes an art-form. If you’re concerned about investing the money, consider one of the excellent lower cost lenses available from reputable online retailers. You’re probably also familiar with GPS functionality on your smart phone but, like so many others, you have probably encountered the issue of attempting to drive the car or steer the bicycle whilst checking the phone, which is dangerous, not to mention illegal. Car mounts and bicycle mounts can be bought relatively cheaply, and make using the GPS app far safer and simpler.

Finding the Best Apps for Travel

One of the most powerful aspects of your smart phone is its ability to download apps. Sure, you’ve already no doubt discovered the joys of mobile gaming (certainly if you have children you will have) but don’t overlook the thousands of other highly useful apps that are available for your phone, especially those that are completely free to use. A word of caution before you start trawling the store to find the best travel apps though; make sure to download them in your home country, rather than waiting until you are abroad, where data charges may be considerable. If in doubt, check with your phone supplier. There are many apps available that can help you with all aspects of travel, from translation of foreign materials to booking flights; and, as Iglu Cruise reveal, there are even some that may take you by surprise, such as a jetlag app that helps you plan your day to minimize the effects of flying, and audio guides of every major city in the world.

All Work and No Play Makes Your Phone a Dull Piece of Technology…

It’s important to remember that your smart phone can also provide you with a lot of entertainment when you’re off exploring far off places. In-built MP3 players make taking music with you whilst on the go a really simple process; if you’re unsure of how to get music on to your smart phone, there are a number of guides available to help point you in the right direction. However, one of the joys of listening to music whilst traveling is being able to listen to it loud; without having to use earplugs. Consider investing in a portable speaker; which will allow you to listen to your favorite tracks with friends and family, rather than having to do it solo. And if you must do work whilst away, think about buying a portable keyboard for your phone, rather than lugging the laptop halfway around the world.

A Little Bit of Planning is all it Takes!

With a little bit of prior research, and with some minor investments in must-have equipment, your smart phone can really revolutionize the way you travel, becoming a device not only for making calls home; but for keeping the whole family entertained; for finding out useful information about every destination you head to, and for recording those precious moments. Smart phones…we salute you!

Sep 132013

See me here releases its new portable bluetooth speaker BV200. It’s originally designed for outdoor activities fans. It’s only 200g weight, and around 8cm. With this speaker, outdoor fans will enjoy music anywhere, anytime. It comes with a hanging hook, which you can hang it on the backpack, or anywhere you feel convenient. It can play music from its inserted micro SD card, or from your iPhone or other smart phones via bluetooth connection. It’s totally wireless. And more, you can take hands free call via this bluetooth speaker. Very suitable for hiking, climbing, river trekking, riding or fishing.

Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Portable Bluetooth Speaker

BV200 Portable Bluetooth Speaker Hiking
BV200 Portable Bluetooth Speaker Hang on the backpack
BV200 Portable Bluetooth Speaker Colorful Speaker
BV200 Portable Bluetooth Speaker Small Size
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BV200 Portable Bluetooth Speaker User Manual
BV200 Portable Bluetooth Speaker Features
BV200 Portable Bluetooth Speaker Package

Sep 122013

Very hight quality bluetooth speaker produced by Kaidaer is available now on It can play music from USB disk, micro SD card or AUX line in. You can connect it to cell phone, laptop or PC via an audio cable or bluetooth connection. And more, you can take hands-free call via bluetooth when you are not convenient taking call by your hands, for example, when driving. Very nice for car bluetooth speaker.
Portable Bluetooth Speaker
The following is a video for this portable blue tooth speaker.

Jun 122012

Even with the invention of capsule speakers that are definitely smaller and ultra portable, nothing beats a classic cylinder portable speaker that packs powerful sound. This traditional design allowed the makers of the Kaidaer mini speaker to incorporate another break-through feature into portable speaker designs. The product is not only a speaker but a portable mp3 player too.

Kaidaer Mini Speaker

Kaidaer Mini Speaker

All portable speakers surely function the same way—provide a machine to-go for sharing music or amplifying sound, that’s why this mini speaker sets a new trend. Aside from playing mp3 when connected to a computer, a cellphone, or a portable mp3 player, it can play music straight from its microSD card slot. This additional functionality makes it a standalone mp3 player as well.

The Kaidaer portable speaker is full metal “can”, except for its rubber stand at the bottom, which makes it firm, solid, and steady. It also comes in beautiful colors. A beautiful light is emitted at the bottom when the device is turned on.

The sound quality was unexpected when we connected our mini speaker to a portable mp3 player via its 3.5mm jack. It was loud and powerful, but of course it wasn’t all high fidelity.  To adjust the quality of the sound, you can press the equalizer button and choose from five presets: Normal, Pop, Country, Jazz, Classic, and Rock. The last EQ setting is most preferred since it gives sound more power. The accuracy of the treble and bass was decent enough, and there’s no point asking for something more from a portable speaker. Otherwise, try the taller competition, Hi-Rice, or opt for the big speakers.

Two glitches found in this cute “can” involve the microSD slot and the volume. When the can is connected to a gadget and there is a card in the microSD slot, the Kaidaer plays the contents of the card. Thus, you have to eject the microSD to use it as a portable speaker. Moreover, the default volume when the can is turned on is too loud, and there’s not yet a way to set a preferred volume. These maybe a bit inconvenient but are not major turn-offs.

Priced at $15.90, the Kaidaer mini speaker may be one of the cheapest portable speakers in the market. It’s a good buy considering the price you pay for what it can do: portable speaker and player, too!