Aug 312016

Mosaic well, girlfriends friends for life. Mosaic is not good, do not send passerby.

“Students can interview you about it? ”

“No, I am sprouting Dah! ” Starbucks iPhone 6 Case

Starbucks iPhone 6 Case

“Well, I can help you with your healing? ”

“Yes, but it will help me to make a mosaic. ”

“No problem. ”

Make a horse we are still good friends: Beautiful Mosaic

Beautiful Mosaic exists so that you can hit a good mosaic (Don’t imitate above). Love playing there where mothers no longer have to worry about my bad mosaic (God favors the cover of his horse, that’s not cool). Cartoon style interface, along with your mosaic culture, selected diagram directly on a layer of logic, and praise one! So it is happy with election Sao Kim, bring his horse!

Make a horse we are still good friends: Beautiful Mosaic

Then why will call the Beautiful mosaic? Honestly, I previously did not know why until you open the software and see … … Found 31 Style Plaid! Can’t make a lattice can choose stars of moon, beautiful! Wait, how is that all roads lead to the lower right corner? Drag … … Even lattice can choose the size, beautiful! But Mom says beautiful Plaid is only the first step, also partial to a little, OK, into the left corner of Mosaic canvas.

Make a horse we are still good friends: Beautiful Mosaic
Make a horse we are still good friends: Beautiful Mosaic

A very pregnant drawing interface, finger is a red circle, the Eraser is the same, we can finally meet the mother’s request. And so on, the one on the right is what? Again … … Is face recognition! This is too clever. However, the who said the face-covering, today would not cover. (Do not want to hide that! )

Make a horse we are still good friends: Beautiful Mosaic

Sao’s eyes to the Sun, Jay estimates just don’t recognize it (laughing). Mother has spoken, said trying to background rendering so that more. Well, 1, 2, 3, 4……45 background is not enough? (Well done! ) MOM, it can also mediate the exposure, contrast, tone!

Make a horse we are still good friends: Beautiful Mosaic

Have to say this is the mosaic of very powerful, all mother’s claims have been satisfied. Using all the way down there is nothing to understand, interface playful and intuitive. Finally, take a look at my horse show gold, sexy lips meet the eyes of Fu-mei, plus ghostly rendering, okay?

Make a horse we are still good friends: Beautiful Mosaic

In summary, the Beautiful Mosaic can definitely meet the needs of users block private, is nothing short of a necessity. Beautiful Mosaic is a mosaic or a minor pictures, clear and simple operation for users with ease, without any cost.

Also commendable is that Beautiful Mosaic in sports or do their own, did not forget to Mosaic culture, so both can play, built in 31 different styles of mosaic pattern, 45 different background images so that users have more mapping choices, doing creative drawing is not problem at all. If you also support Single use different styles of mosaic, it will definitely get better play. Starbucks iPhone 6 Case

Aug 302016

30,000 published well-known Lenovo K900

Awaited dual-core X86 Lenovo IdeaPhone K900 finally debut, four-thread it used dual-core Z2580 processor, speed up to 2GHz. 1080P is 5.5 inches the screen resolution screen, up to 400 PPI. In addition K900 uses stainless steel alloy and polycarbonate materials, 6.9mm. Lens with 13 million back-illuminated-type camera, large aperture F1.8. Just Cavalli iPad Mini Case

K900 processor is a new Intel Z2580 2GHz, processing speed and runs in An Tutu exceed the 30,000 mark, is today’s top scores. In addition to high-frequency CPU,K900 carrying SGX544MP GPU, and another 2GB 16GB ROM and RAM. Screen, and Galaxy Note II size remains the same, it is 5.5 inches, but K900 resolutions up to 1920*1080, so excellent lot on finesse than Note II.

30,000 published well-known Lenovo K900
30,000 published well-known Lenovo K900
30,000 published well-known Lenovo K900
30,000 published well-known Lenovo K900


6.9mm slim fuselage. Previously used stainless steel K900 alloy and polycarbonate materials, body style and broad.

30,000 published well-known Lenovo K900
30,000 published well-known Lenovo K900


Lens is a highlight K900, in addition is equipped with a new generation of high-end mobile phones other than common 13 million cameras, K900 aperture F1.8, which also ensures it’s strong performance under low light, and it has a dual LED fill light.

30,000 published well-known Lenovo K900

With Intel mobile market ambitions, K900 on high-end phones in the ARM camp mount a strong challenge.

Just Cavalli iPad Mini Case

Photo: theverge


Learn more about the new cool device, please pay attention to @ love machine


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Aug 292016

Super AMOLED really matured yet?

“Editor’s note” author is @Citroenz

As we all know is self-luminous pixels OLED screen without a backlight, shows a black pixel is not glowing when contrast tends to infinity, so that each pixel can display its own of the brightness of the display, thereby increasing the contrast, the authenticity of the picture, the screen dark and light contrasts. But this has led to some problems, that is, pixels have different degrees of aging, dims, turn bright yellow, not the beginning, often light or high brightness of the pixel is aging faster, without constantly lit pixels is not so fast ageing. Alexander Mcqueen iPhone

Super AMOLED really matured yet?

The life of AMOLED

Alexander Mcqueen iPhone

Samsung does not use the pentile RGBG pixels arranged in a high resolution once the above is the main reason 230PPI, using RGB arrangement of Surer AMOLED life cannot be guaranteed. Authorities say AMOLED’s life has now evolved to a 30,000 hour, Super AMOLED product up to 60,000 hours, basic and CRT 100,000 hour not far from. AMOLED’s life is not a means to reach x no longer working after hours, but reached maximum brightness degradation as the initial value of x hours n%, the n is generally about 80. And the test conditions are displayed in the maximum brightness of the data measured with white. Brightness of the losses is darkening in a long-term process.

But actual usage? There is currently a large AMOLED screens are more or less some dark, burned screen, dark spots. AMOLED as imaging self-luminous, and LCD backlight principles are not the same, ageing will not sync. Aging LCD back light is synchronized, so the final burn screen AMOLED, LCD will be yellow, that is if a static image is displayed for a long time the picture on the monitor, leave shadow and is irreversible. To counter shows the aging Super AMOLED screen, for example, brightness above medium, show the same image (each pixel is light already fixed) 8 hours per day, not running on some machine 2 months there will be a mild burning screen.


 Used equipment:

【Super AMOLED (PenTile, WVGA)】 Samsung Ominia W、Samsung Ominia 7、Samsung S8600 Wave III、Samsung Focus、Samsung Wave、Samsung Galaxy S Alexander Mcqueen iPhone

“Super AMOLED Plus (RGB,WVGA)” Samsung Galaxy s II, Samusng Droid Charge, Samsung Infuse 4G, Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7

【Super AMOLED Plus (960×544)】 PlayStation Vita

【Super AMOLED Advanced (PenTile, qHD)】 Motorola Droid RAZR, HTC One S, Asus Padfone

【HD Super AMOLED (PenTile, HD)】 Galaxy Nexus, Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung Galaxy S III

【HD Super AMOLED S-Strip (RGB,HD)】Samsung Galaxy Note II

Aug 292016

After many ways of exposure and notoriety, Samsung finally announced to the media Galaxy S7 will be published on February 21, which is the eve of the official opening of the MWC2016. Givenchy iPhone 5 Case

MWC 2016 Galaxy debut S7 release date

From the Conference information, Samsung indicates release theme is “TheNextGalaxy”, it was suggested that the Conference featuring new flagship Galaxy S7, and the release date is February 21, 2016.

MWC 2016 Galaxy debut S7 release date

According to previous news shows, Galaxy and Galaxy S7 S7 Edge using the 5.1 inch and 5.5 inch QHD-class Super AMOLED screen, configuration using the top of the long 820,4G Ram Exynos 8890 or mycophenolate mofetil, 12 million megapixel rear camera with PD technology. Givenchy iPhone 5 Case

Givenchy iPhone 5 Case

Aug 242016

From the Russia YotaPhone of smartphones at MWC 2014 released their latest dual-screen Smartphone on YotaPhone 2, most salient feature of this phone is that it has an e ink screen on the back, although there is no official listing, but the Russia media had first to get this “ritual”, for us to make the evaluation.

Forward and are available YotaPhone 2 review

In fact, before this year’s APEC, concerned with YotaPhone just a few cell phone enthusiasts and digital control as well as geeks, but on APEC, the phone was Russia President Vladimir Putin presented to our national President, XI Jinping, and YotaPhone 2 take this renowned, after all it’s not all electronic devices with the award.


Android 4.4.3 operating system;

Supports LTE, WCDMA, EDGE and GSM network;

Snapdragon 800 processor maximum clock speed 2.2GHz;

2GB RAM+32GB memory;

8 million pixels camera + 2.1 million megapixel front-facing camera;

Positive 5-inch 1080p + rear 4.7 inches Super AMOLED screen 540×960 16-level grayscale e-ink screen, positive use Gorilla glass 3;

Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n/AC, MicroUSB 2.0 interface, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, A-GPS, gyroscope, device;

Built-in 2500 mAh battery, supporting Qi Wireless charging;

Measurements 144.9×69.4×8.95 mm and weighs 145 grams;

At $ 32990 rubles, about 3760.


Forward and are available YotaPhone 2 review

YotaPhone 2 is the company launched the second dual-screen smart phones, new and old compared to new used a more rounded look, both in the design of the only similarity might be left with only using the dual-screen design.

Forward and are available YotaPhone 2 review

Thanks to the sleek appearance and dual-screen design, YotaPhone 2 appearance in what is now a Smartphone with all the square is completely unique, in addition, rounded fuselage YotaPhone 2 also feels comfortable in the hand and back a degree of arc of the YotaPhone 2, it seems that designers on cell phone handle has a higher pursuit.

Forward and are available YotaPhone 2 review

In terms of body size, dimensions and Nexus YotaPhone 2 5 close, but longer than Nexus 5, thickness and weight, and many similar to 5-inch Smartphone.

Forward and are available YotaPhone 2 review

YotaPhone 2 positive was extremely low key, no LOGO to identify themselves, only the receiver, sensor and front-facing camera.

Forward and are available YotaPhone 2 review
Forward and are available YotaPhone 2 review

NanoSIM card slot is integrated directly in the volume buttons on the right, check card PIN into hole to even out volume buttons, so reduce the openings to the fuselage is actually pretty good, the power button is placed below the volume keys to control the position.

Forward and are available YotaPhone 2 review

Back has attracted the most attention, of course, is the e-ink screen, over 8 million pixels camera and LED fill light, is a YotaPhone LOGO below.

Marcelo Burlon iPhone

The screen:

Forward and are available YotaPhone 2 review

YotaPhone 2 positive screens from Samsung’s Super AMOLED screen, 5-inch 1080p specification in the current very common specifications in the high-end smart-phones, equivalent to PPI about 440, e-ink screen on the back is the 4.7-inch 460×960, 16-level gray scale, and at the edge of the arc, the curves to fit a cell phone back.

Forward and are available YotaPhone 2 review

YotaPhone 2 was a gorilla glass AMOLED screen on the front of 3 coverage, and this big gorilla also has anti-fouling coatings on glass 3, such as the color and brightness of the screen quality, and Samsung’s own Galaxy S4, however YotaPhone regulation 2 and does not have a built-in screen mode options.

YotaPhone 2 of the main screen to maximum brightness as 327 nits, for high-end smartphones, the result is just passing levels, but the innate advantages of AMOLED screen with high contrast, so even in outdoor use should not be much problem.

YotaPhone 2 an average temperature of about 6300K, very close to the ideal of 6500K.

Gray-scale deviations, YotaPhone 2 is a good, average delta e value of 2.51, satisfactory.

In terms of screen color gamut, YotaPhone 2 go far beyond the standard sRGB color space, we can see this screen color saturation is very high.

But in terms of color, YotaPhone 2 on the screen is also a typical AMOLED style, apparent saturation of color and overall reduction is not accurate enough.

On the average color error, YotaPhone 2 of the ΔE value of 4.32, all in all not too bad, but AMOLED screen and Samsung top color there are obvious gaps.

In the subjective perception of the screen, YotaPhone 2 is a very good, high contrast and wide viewing angles were commendable, gorgeous color comparison flattering, but like the audience of accurate color reproduction, YotaPhone 2 on the screen may not be your type.

Performance and storage:

YotaPhone 2 built-in Snapdragon 800 processor has been out very long, 801 processor currently updating as better performance has been widely adopted, and phones using 805 processor will be more and more, but the Snapdragon 800 processor is non-stress coping all daily operations.

YotaPhone 2 is now running Android 4.4.3 system, can upgrade to Android in the future 5.0,YotaPhone is not customized for systems to make too many, whether in terms of UI and functionality of basic and primary systems are the same. In addition, the YotaPhone 2 use 32GB not to expand the memory,

Battery life:

YotaPhone 2 2500 mAh batteries built-in does not sound like much, the current mainstream Smartphone battery has reached 3000 MAH, but there’s no need to worry about YotaPhone 2 battery life, in the midst of testing, this 2500 mAh offers nearly 10 hours of video playback time, performance is good.

Flexibility to use YotaPhone 2 e-ink screen on the back, YotaPhone 2 battery life is very good, we test, YotaPhone 2 up to 3-4 days of normal use, and even if they do not deliberately use the e ink screen on the back of, YotaPhone 2 battery life can 1.5~2 days, this performance is very good.

In addition, inside the device and power management software can help users save power, users can even display the AMOLED screen is set to black and white to save battery life.

During charging, all Qi compliant YotaPhone 2 Wireless charging device, and when you buy a mobile phone in the package also comes with a wireless charging base.


YotaPhone 2 system is almost a native Android 4.4.3 function naturally, but YotaPhone has a built-in Yota company’s own APP to manage e-ink screen on the back.

Of course, YotaPhone the e-ink screen and open to third party developers the SDK in order to play back the screen meaning, present on the e ink screen, the user can view the phone status and notifications, select display picture or clock and weather information, view the calendar, and even screenshot can also be displayed on the main screen. Marcelo Burlon iPhone

Real use is to read the e-ink screen, YotaPhone you can install a dedicated APP, search the contents can be read and on the e-ink screen, read in a well lit environment, experience very well, and we can even in the e ink screen running on some games, such as chess or Sudoku.

Photo feature: Marcelo Burlon iPhone

8 million pixels camera

YotaPhone rear camera, can only say that it was, in sunny conditions, the quality of pictures taken out of line, but by the time bad light, noise is extremely serious, and the overall tone is slightly gray.

For users who like self-timer, YotaPhone 2 of 2.1 million pixels front camera may not be enough, but YotaPhone 2 can be used rear-facing camera self-timer, the viewfinder is the e-ink screen and can barely use it.


YotaPhone 2 in Russia local of price is 32990 rubles (about collection Yuan 3760 Yuan), this price Shang also has many other brand of flagship phone, like Samsung Galaxy Note 4, and Sony Xperia Z3,, and YotaPhone 2 phase more Yu not only performance somewhat behind, screen quality and photo imaging also gap is big, partial your of price also decided has YotaPhone 2 only is belongs to minority of plaything, But YotaPhone 2 dual-screen design really makes it special, and YotaPhone e ink screen tap the back of the phone which blocks the maximum value, for people like unique and innovative phones, YotaPhone 2 is a shining diamond.


Classic design, excellent texture;

Dual screen interaction closely;

E ink screen touch;


Wireless charging.


Photo quality;

Lack of memory card support.


Aug 232016

The last two years, Android phones and the iPhone dominated the market, many people are familiar with Android and iOS systems can no longer be done. With the Nokia concern Lumia 920 and Lumia 8,202 new EZ for sale, I think we all want to change hands tired device, the Windows Phone experience is maturing. So, wants to play a Windows Phone, we need to do something to prepare?

FENDI plus case

Windows Phone getting started tutorial

Use iPhone users know, only registered an account in the APP STORE called iTunes top buy, download and install the application. In fact, Windows Phone almost, got the phone the first thing to do is to sign up for a Windows Live ID. This account is necessary, is also very important, because with it you can use the complete set of Internet services provided by Microsoft. Register Windows Live ID have three ways, the first is registered directly, not much to say here.

Second straight into Windows Phone phone Mall choose any free to use and download, prompts for the account, at which point you can choose to create action. FENDI plus case

Windows Phone getting started tutorial

Third was registered with the ZUNE, also called ZUNE ID. The Microsoft ZUNE Sync functionality provided by software such as Apple’s iTunes, so Windows must be downloaded and installed using the ZUNE Phone friends.

Visit Microsoft Official website to download the latest version of the Zune Software installed computer system to note here is that you must be a Windows XP SP3 version above to normal installation is successful. Fendi case

ZUNE after installation is completed, you will be prompted to restart the computer, restart the boot settings will be able to open ZUNE directly after.

Register when prompted to select a region, China is not recommended, lack too much software, but the United States also has an extremely small part of the software lack, in short, needs to choose, taking into account the long term, the main United States District. A Windows Phone phone-bound is the first Windows Live account cannot be deleted or written off, unless you restore the factory settings or brush. Your Zune ID area is unlikely to change, but Live ID area, keep in mind the displayed area of the MarketPlace from Zune ID decision. If your ZUNE is registered in China ID, then you can only experience store in China.

Windows Phone getting started tutorial

In the case of default, Windows Phone system is not recognized as a USB mode, does not like the Android system files can be dragged directly into the phone, even drag through a variety of channels is not recognized by the phone on. Therefore, we can only use this powerful ZUNE sync software, ZUNE audio and video files, and image files can be synchronized to the mobile phone, can meet the ringtone settings, audio and video needs. But as PDF, Word file only after jailbreaking using third-party software imported or transmitted through the Web site.

In General, file management and synchronization connection, Windows Phone systems have restrictions in use still feel the inconvenience, but this is not characteristic of open systems, we can only accept in silence.

Aug 222016

From 2013 National Express open pension market up to now, using the Internet and smart devices there are many teams enter the pension market. Another report says “by 2020, will be 480 million people nationwide entered old age, 35% of the total population, while the entire industry will reach one-third of GDP.” Look, this is a great cake and policies favourable winds.

2013 35th article of the State Council on accelerating development of old-age service in several opinions, the State proposes to set up a “based on home and community based on, institutions for support of old-age service system”. The layout of the country opened up to foreign capital in the pension market, since the “font size” began to enter competitive markets.

Forerunners in the areas of science, technology and the Internet are, such as intellectual Endowment established in 2015, Wuzhen integrated service platform, from offline to online interactive system of care smart equipment readily available; as a series of wearable warning devices designed for the family, tries to hardware optimization of conditions of family care for the elderly.

Kenzo iPhone 6 plus

Founded in 2014 barley endowment, its CTO Li Guangpeng “best of times” to describe “wisdom aged.” In his view, in the high-end market has ushered in an era of blowout.

But from a market perspective, the current “smart pension industry”, which are both smartphones and cloud platform one, or a combination, to achieve the health management and early warning.

This service is, of course, encountered the problem market.

The elderly and children, require market

Chen Zailei to Beijing this year of the development policy support for aging at home is very exciting-he founded a while providing wearable Terminal and the pension cloud services platform company “small and 365″ and served as the CEO. Of the development policy support for aging at home, commonly known as “ten” on the aged care system put forward more specific guidance.

In the view of Chen Zailei, intellectual endowment of “smart” mainly in three aspects. Kenzo iPhone 6 plus

First of all, the health needs of the elderly are relatively obvious, if long-term data collection, and the health risk assessment, so that even the elderly and children service agencies can clear condition.

The second aspect is the safety and security of the elderly, a key for help and alert-is the main functional requirements.

Also on the spiritual needs of the elderly, in fact, if the system is able to understand the habits of the elderly, can be better targeted.

Ray Chen’s opinion, quite narrow channel of information for the elderly, they also lack effective means in the promotion, at home of children to buy one is mainly. By means of intelligent understanding of the living conditions of the elderly, provide timely warning, is the child is more willing to accept a pension platform mode.

But it is not, by the children of the elderly to avoid the problem of education. Chen Zailei in the pension industry in the development of wisdom, market access without capital, marketing and execution of power. But it is a challenge for any team. In a Lei feng’s network (search for “Lei feng’s network”, public interest) interview, Chen Lei mentioned them again to the difficulties of promoting individual consumption was affected by the capital, marketing and the objective limits of executive power, their progress directly to c is not fast.

To convince young children with parental needs, different possible ways of marketing and channels, but more difficult than persuading the elderly people smaller.

Aforementioned barley aged and small and 365 has encountered the same problem. Their solution is to, first looking for social service institutions for cooperation, appropriate equipment and services sales to institutions, and indirectly by the Agency to promote it to ordinary consumers.

Institutions: the cost of resistance

Wise pensions industry wasn’t the first to use strategies to b to c, but old-age care institutions to accept smart terminal emplacement, and even complete cloud platform to manage health, and cost concerns–despite the much welcomed by pension institutions of intelligent information technologies.

League pension Group CEO Fang Lihua Lei feng’s network in an interview expressed this “Welcome” and “worries” of ambivalence. As in Longgang District of Shenzhen Civil Affairs Bureau approved the establishment of the first comprehensive private social welfare institutions, League pension institutions in fact is closely affiliated with the Government, but even such pioneers, currently in intelligence has not moved quickly on the road.

Lei Feng Fang Lihua told NET League pension institutions in intelligent devices introduced so much, mainly focused on call sensor and some strictly bargain not “smart” devices, cloud platform? “This really is not! “Fang Lihua said that the” Endowment for wisdom, is mainly a matter of money. We all know that smart devices could reduce labor costs, but may require application in larger nursing homes. ” Kenzo iPhone 6 plus cover

At this point, Lei feng’s network and telephone interviews with the two retirement Center in Shenzhen, staff expressed a similar view.

In addition to the institutional problem, Fang Lihua referred also to the Chinese consumer, “old before it gets rich” problems. “If the device is too high, then we as a private organization can’t on the one hand, on the other hand, even if the institutions have this kind of configuration, are not necessarily all families can afford to accept. ”

From the perspective of national policy, Fang Lihua considered relative to community and institutional endowment, the State is more emphasis on the construction of old-age home, and the city of Shenzhen, as a relatively young, only 6% of the elderly. Judging from the Fang Lihua said, nursing home beds at present is not so tight, even free rent beds to young people.

While Fang Lihua said, currently League got strong support from the Government, mainly through Government-sponsored public lectures in the community, provide door-to-door service, which is equivalent to saving a lot of promotion expenses, and if at home appeared unable to take care of the elderly, will also for the first time to contact their pension institutions.

In addition, the view from professional pension services, concept of traditional Chinese culture and encourage the elderly to accept the child’s maintenance in the home, sent to a nursing home for the elderly health, would be considered a “filial piety”. This view objectively impede the development of the pension Agency itself–old-age care institutions launched the high-end service, relatively more difficult in the country recognized by the higher-income families. This has also led to domestic pension institutions do not have the power and money to optimize the intelligent device.

To the Youth, representatives of the sister peach as a two part movie, it’s easy to see the difference pension centres at home and abroad. Of the Youth of the nursing home has a detailed standard process depicted in the movie, and care for the elderly is very human, even have custom menus. Corresponds to the domestic situation is not so optimistic.

Is the story of the movie sister peach homes for the elderly in the story

State advocates “at home” call for new product innovation

In China, the filial of the elderly in the home is a traditional virtue, as reflected in market data, see national institutions in old-age pension model 3%~4%. In fact, in national policies is also highlighted at home is based.

Interested in commercial explorers wise pensions industry, in fact, have tried directly to consumers and agencies reach consumers through channel two traditional models. “Old age” itself was filled with emotion and family activities with Chinese characteristics, needs more product innovation and business innovation.

Xiao and Chen Lei, CEO, has been trying to promote “service fees” concept. Small and 365 product is the hardware service pack sold, over time, hardware costs are negligible. But Chen Zailei said, because people on the service concept is still rather vague, so he “hold an optimistic attitude” waiting for old-age consumption trend of the upgrade. From the changes in the age structure of China’s population, which will not wait for too long.

Chen Zailei, said he saw the pension industry has a positive change every year. “User demand being mining, people’s awareness is also improving, along with policy support, I think in the next two or three years will be a period of increased, but a real outbreak, it may take five years time. ”

While McGrady CTO Li Guangpeng is going to solve this problem from a system perspective, such as focusing on providing cloud services to communities and institutions, through independent research and development of intelligent hardware connections the elderly, children, care and management of the Terminal, large data levels of care. Although in the field of old-age home, Li Guangpeng said there is indeed a trial stage, but he felt the light was not so far away in the future, “the current layout was a muffled when waiting for a fortune”, he was full of confidence.

Promoting intellectual endowment of practitioners who are finding a better business model, but it can break a path not many enterprises. “At this stage it is difficult for a living, front also grew, including the whole industry chain is very complex, so that the practitioner is to the industry as a whole has a clear understanding of, and be patient. ”

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Aug 202016

Sale price unknown vivo X1 opened today book


        Vivo official site X1 book page is opened today, and offers 200 Yuan coupons to all intended users. We was not able to obtain the complete configuration and the selling price for the time being, however, it was previously reported: vivo X1 is the world’s thinnest smart phone, 6.55mm ultra slim design thickness, it uses a 4.7-inch large screen, 2000mAh battery, use the same chip and million-level CD, seeks to achieve the best sound quality on a mobile phone. The phone also supports Wireless charging.

Victorias Secret Case

       Meanwhile, we can see step by step book page in the desire to provide forest Haiser CX200, AKG K99 and Beyerdynamic DTX71IE three headsets suitable matching dining-user subscription. Victorias Secret Case

Sale price unknown vivo X1 opened today book
Sale price unknown vivo X1 opened today book

Subscription address:  Victorias Secret Case for iPhone 5

Step by step vivo X1 will be released on November 20 in Beijing’s water cube, love machine will launch on live television.

Aug 192016

Lei feng’s network (search for “Lei feng’s network”, public interest): the original compilation by the known academic circle.

Moschino Galaxy Note 3 case

August 16, quantum, China satellite “Mozi” launched at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Centre. As the world’s first quantum scientific experiment satellite, quantum communications experiment will be conducted after the launch. In orbit for two years in the future, it will meet the five stations on the ground, a great deal of work, and will help us to create a highly secure global communications network.

China-space quantum satellite leader, Deputy President of the China University of science and technology academician Pan Jianwei said, named Mo, Mo-Tse’s first Imaging found that light travels in straight lines through a small hole, and Mo has also presented some kind of particle theory. “Therefore, the photon science experimental satellite the Chinese sages named, I think is very appropriate. ”

Academician pan of how this feat? Let us look at the Nature of his interview earlier this year. Moschino Samsung Note3 case

Pan Jianwei Nature interview: the world's first quantum satellite successfully launched | Deep secrets

Academician Pan Jianwei

| How is satellite launch preparation?

We always keep two thoughts. The first feeling is “everything”, we are very happy and excited. However, every now and then we like to: “potential projects will not succeed. ”

| What technical problems are faced?

Satellite flying too fast, surround the Earth in 90 minutes. It also encountered turbulence and other problems. Single-photon beam will be greatly affected. In addition, we also need to overcome the background noise from the Sun, the Moon, and the noise of the city from the ground. These are much stronger than our single photon.

Pan Jianwei Nature interview: the world's first quantum satellite successfully launched | Deep secrets

| What are satellites for?

Our primary task is to satellite and Beijing Earth stations, satellite ground stations and Vienna between quantum key distribution (through photon quantum to encode the attribute and shared secret key). And then we will see satellite as a relay device, quantum key can be established between Beijing and Vienna.

Pan Jianwei Nature interview: the world's first quantum satellite successfully launched | Deep secrets

Second step would be remote entanglement distribution of more than 1000 km. Our satellite technology can produce entangled photon pairs. We will pair a photon emission in delingha, Qinghai province, and another photon emission to Lijiang in Yunnan or Xinjiang Nan shan station. Distance between the two stations is approximately 1200 km, past test is approximately 100 km.

| If questioned, regardless of how far away the two particles can remain entangled?

Doubt that quantum mechanics is not too much, but if you explore new physical content, it is necessary to achieve the ultimate. Theoretically, entanglement can be maintained at any distance. But we want to see whether there is a physical limit. People will ask, in between the classical and the quantum world does have a certain boundaries, we hope to build some sort of macro-system, it can show us quantum phenomena can still exist in this environment.

In future, we also plan to try entanglement between the Earth and moon key distribution. We hope that through a quantum satellite Chang plans to launch to a gravitational stability point in the earth-moon system (Lagrange point).

| Entanglement and quantum teleportation, what is the relationship?

Is mainly to cater for the Tibet Ali station satellite took part in a third experiment-quantum teleportation of quantum science. We will start Ali station to launch a photon in the entangled photon pairs to a satellite. Ali entangled photons to relay, third photon will be transferred to the particles in space.

Pan Jianwei Nature interview: the world's first quantum satellite successfully launched | Deep secrets

(In the Institute of quantum information and quantum quantum simulation laboratory in the frontier science and technology centre of excellence in innovation, staff debugging ultracold Atomic optical lattice laser servo system platforms)

Quantum satellite is a basic science space mission, launched in December 2015, China of dark matter particle detector (DAMPE) too. Does this mean that basic research satellite is a new trend in China?

Yes, my colleagues and the Chinese Academy of Sciences wants to promote development in this area. China used only two agencies with satellite launch capabilities: the military and the Ministry. So scientists have no way to launch a scientific satellite. The only exception to this is we launched in cooperation with ESA in 2003, double star probes to study the Earth’s magnetic storms.

| Chinese research satellite has there been any progress?

Researchers in the Chinese Academy of Sciences are very hard to express our needs: we have ways of launching scientific satellites are very important. In 2011, China established strategic guide science and technology projects, including dark matter, quantum particle detectors and US satellites. This is a very important step.

Pan Jianwei Nature interview: the world's first quantum satellite successfully launched | Deep secrets

Space satellite analogue data charts

I think China’s responsibility not only for our own doing–many countries have landed on the Moon and manned space flight-but rather to explore some uncharted territory.

| Scientists will take part in China’s space station: Temple?

Decide which project into the judging of the station has changed a lot. Initially, the military wants to assume this responsibility, but in the end the work falls on the shoulders of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

We will set a quantum experiments on the space station, which will bring much convenience to our research because we can constantly upgrade the experiment (not quantum). We are very happy with this arrangement, we only need to exchange views on the leadership of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, who was a scientist too, so communication is very convenient.

Pan Jianwei Nature interview: the world's first quantum satellite successfully launched | Deep secrets

| Key step towards quantum Internet

We know that “Mozi” will we create a secure communications network, could theoretically be linked anywhere in the world. Of course, Canada, and Japan, and Italy and Singapore’s research team also plans to carry out quantum space experiments.

Physics, University of science and technology of China scholar Lu Chaoyang satellite, China is a member of the support team, he said: “it is conceivable that this will be a competition. “Professor land has informed social academic 2015 China scientific and technological new figures the special contribution award.

Pan Jianwei Nature interview: the world's first quantum satellite successfully launched | Deep secrets

Professor Lu Chaoyang, China University of science and technology

Aircraft weighing up to 640 kg, is the latest member of the China space science satellites. Projects at a cost of $ 100 million, Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Austria National Academy of Sciences to work together.

Quantum communication are extremely safe, as any minor interference can be found. Both shared key is encoded into a sequence of photon polarization, any hacking activities has left its mark.

At present, the researchers have successfully mastered quantum communication range up to 300 kilometers. Photon through optical fiber, communication will be scattered or absorbed. Keep quantum Photonic vulnerability State amplified signal is extremely difficult. Therefore, Chinese scholars hope that the photon propagation through space, in this environment will be more smooth, and are able to cover more distance.

Pan Jianwei Nature interview: the world's first quantum satellite successfully launched | Deep secrets

Satellite heart have a Crystal, can produce an entangled pair of photons, regardless of how far apart they, its properties remain entangled. Aircraft’s primary task is located in the Beijing and Vienna, the ground workstation, launch the photons, they generate the key. Moschino Galaxy Note 3 case

Over the next two years, the project team plans to conduct a statistical measurement, verify that the space of Bell’s inequality to prove entanglement between the particles can exist in the 1200 km far away. Despite quantum theory predicts entanglement can be maintained at any distance, but this will be further proved.

Researchers will also try to teleportation, transmission of information by traditional methods, and entangled photon pairs gives them, and rebuilt at a new location of photon quantum state.

Pan Jianwei Nature interview: the world's first quantum satellite successfully launched | Deep secrets

Academician Pan Jianwei demonstrated practical quantum communication products for long-distance confidential calls

Austria National Academy of Sciences physicist Anton Zeilinger said quantum Internet could depend on a combination of satellite and ground stations, there are still a number of challenges. Scientists need to find a way to communicate directly between satellites; needs to be generated from different sources of entangled photon technology; needs to improve the efficiency of data transfer, single photon from a gigabit per second yields yields up to a gigabit per second.

Eventually, space quantum teleportation will enable researchers to use photons to form a distributed from the satellite telescope, with the size of the Earth as the aperture, and offers great resolution. Paul Kwiat, a NASA physicist, said: “you will not only be able to observe planets, in theory, even in a license plate on the satellites of Jupiter could be seen. ”

Zeilinger said quantum satellite experiments succeed, China will undoubtedly promote the development of other groups, and also easier to allocate research funding.

Pan Jianwei Nature interview: the world's first quantum satellite successfully launched | Deep secrets


1、China’s quantum space pioneer: We need to explore the unknown

2, Chinese Xinhua, the satellite is one giant step for the quantum Internet

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Aug 092016

Mature low-key vivo X6 Funtouch OS 2.5 system review report

Funtouch OS is accompanied by vivo along the way one of the smart phone business, although its version number is much smaller than the MIUI, Flyme, a peer, but it’s also a very sophisticated custom ROM. If the manufacturer of the hardware and the software itself is designed, the end of 2015 launch, VIVO 4GB memory X6 and X6 Plus is most fitting Funtouch OS hardware.

This report on the in vivo X6 as a hardware benchmark, in the form of evaluation report see Funtouch OS 2.5 performance.

Operating logic and system UI

Funtouch OS was born in 2013, and now, 3 years later, it has been updated to Funtouch OS2.5. System design there are many easy and older users are used to the UI of compromise is clearly practical in vivo eye of higher priority.

Mature low-key vivo X6 Funtouch OS 2.5 system review report

On the action logic, VIVO retained Android three gold keys, preserving key, more tasks page can still press home key to call out. Retains the old version of Android your desktop usage, click key to add a plugin, change wallpaper and so on, but under the desktop blank will not have any reaction. In addition, the popups OK default is on the left, and iOS, and Android counterparts instead, Android users first need a bit of time.


Mature low-key vivo X6 Funtouch OS 2.5 system review report

New kernel Funtouch based on Android OS 5.1, but does not use a primary system ornate detailed animation, simple light animation, to a large extent on the performance of the system requirements.

UI, the updated system has a much stronger tendency of flat, flat, minimalist app icons, and deeper in color than counterparts, to be more calm.

System background color uniform into a silver-grey, but rare is the Funtouch still retains the horizontal line to separate elements. Minimalist flat but there are old-style divider commonly used, which is the main source of Visual sense of endearingly, but the cognitive load is much smaller than the overall flat, at least can tell at a glance button and operation area where.

Basic application

Mature low-key vivo X6 Funtouch OS 2.5 system review report

Dialing, texting, cloud services

Mature low-key vivo X6 Funtouch OS 2.5 system review report

Weather, compass, tape recorder

Mature low-key vivo X6 Funtouch OS 2.5 system review report

Function browser, eBooks, photo albums, puzzles

Mature low-key vivo X6 Funtouch OS 2.5 system review report

Calendar, player, alarm clock

Applications, Funtouch OS is completely self-sufficient in almost all applications are their products, MIUI ROM will not touch the input fields, and a hammer is no exception. Features user-friendly-oriented applications, UI style is highly unified, not too many advanced features, but the UI design and functional arrangement of the traditional and familiar, cognitive threshold is very low.

Mature low-key vivo X6 Funtouch OS 2.5 system review report

Theme shop

System has its own theme store, comes with modified font feature, also has a virtual currency to pay theme ecology, even scenes topic (which is a big fun desktop wallpaper specific features embedded shortcut), it is currently only in the subject number and quality can be compared with MIUI custom ROM.

Characters bring their own application summed up:

Simple function: estimation is not needed to use this profit, app store is surprisingly simple, clean, no charts or special recommendation, is to focus on applications let users find, treasure, like pea pods to clean out more comfortable.

Tile interface from scroll: interface design to tile to obviate the second click, multiple menus and scroll bars. Alarm application or only one page, duplicate dates listed directly without entering the secondary menu, and scroll bars.

Dial, calendar, compass, weather is extremely simple, text messages only in the annex there is a wide range of content in the insert function, hammers that part does not appear simple but in contradiction on a massive expansion.

Mature low-key vivo X6 Funtouch OS 2.5 system review report

Cameras, cameras, filters

When it comes to the traditional space requirements, will join the advanced features in moderation. Album comes with puzzle features camera through reduced, even have not found the resolution control, but a rich scene mode, default is where the filter was replaced Image Watermarking, to non-mainstream watermark from the lovely wind, expected to add to the target user’s tastes. May be because the traditional Grand below the line, so there are lots of offline and after sales content, electronic instruction, electronic warranty cards are quite detailed.

System functions and details

Mature low-key vivo X6 Funtouch OS 2.5 system review report

On the notification bar and pull the control center Hello Kitty case

Funtouch OS estimation is iOS feature fusion most of the custom ROM, there are drop-down on the notification bar, and control centers. Schedule list but you cannot customize the notification bar, pullup bar can quickly adjust brightness, quick switch button. But there are so many easy and take care of the old user adjustments and compromises:

All black notification bar and pulled on the all white bar is a bit fragmented, and opacity are not high. In order to accommodate the cognition of Android users like, music control or in the notification bar;

Same as screenshots and Apple, Android’s rare power + Home key, to use also has some sense of fragmentation;

Highly amplified and improved pull control center switch and quick flashlight, one key of back-office functions, such as in a bar, down a level and improved one-handed operation and order button can be customized. Of course, you can also use it as a multitasking interface of the Add shortcut button and call out our hands and flyme.

Also for utility, task list task cards are not used, but more efficient, like older versions of the application icon. Can kill task but not down on permanent features in the background, this is a little regret. Although it is not cool, but the operation efficiency is significantly higher.


All set and only two pages

Setting menu after a high degree of simplification and harmonization, a short set at the page level, estimated to be the shortest in the Android camp. Even if not set the module name, the dividing line between the four modules is clear enough. This is a priority system, system settings and all the advanced features, there is no doubt that in the end. Probably to take care of the old user, it also retains many features of the Android: Hello Kitty mini case

Long pressing the Home key can be called from the multitasking interface with shortcut buttons, of course, it now is pulled out of the control center.

Support double-lock screen, but still on a table placed an additional key lock screen button.

Long press key speech aide.

In addition, it should be said that, appstore, calendar, I Butler update of system components, such as routes and similar to Google, they can independently update a system, like MIUI, Flyme to upgrade only one or two small functional upgrades for the whole system. This is Funtouch OS version number upgrade an important cause of the slow, but experience than advertised fever, every Friday is better for everyone to upgrade the system version a perfunctory. Android camp used a similar strategy seemed only Samsung.

Advanced features

I Butler, traffic management, power management

Funtouch Advanced OS features are focused on the new I-Butler, who annexed to set menu item trends. Perhaps in order to bridge the advanced and simple-span, all advanced features have an animated display or detailed description This is a relatively rare domestic ROM.

Though not flaunt any geeks, but gestures Funtouch OS operation and advanced features a very geek has a lot more than most peers:

Screen capture function even richer than ROM Samsung Note series and a hammer, scroll screen pattern outside the screen, there are ScreenCap, and support the recording;

Graphic Visual electricity demand forecasting and analysis;

Hello Kitty case

Networking application is displayed, which is provided by third-party applications may not be able to function;

System information including CPU real time data, although this is not large;

Set the fingerprint lock, alternative designs can be selected besides password;

Not only application notification and floating Windows can be controlled, even the shortcuts on the desktop can be controlled;

Is the target user using a high proportion of TF card expansion, SD card management highly amplified, comes with support for transfer, File Manager SD card with a smart tags;

Factory application can be managed, compared to those who own uninstall but after restoring factory settings, pop-up application pre-installed systems to conscience;

Vivoice audio Assistant, close to the ear starts after, this is now the most practical outdoor voice control. Open speech recognition directly under the screen.


Somatosensory operation

Funtouch OS home of somatosensory function did the earliest and most complete double click black screen with bright screen, making screen (black screen or gestures to trigger function), every air operation (hand sweeping view notifications or unlock), his screen mute and so a lot of the choice is yours.

In addition, this is also the only Chinese Android file list directly into a custom ROM.



Although advanced features many, but the system itself is very light-weight UI and framework, and even configure a lower entry-level runs without too much pressure. Vivo X6/X6 Plus is equipped with a 4GB of memory, plus the light weight of the system itself, users do not need to manually clean up the background. Boot 2.6GB is available, even if all applications are open, available memory is more than 1.5GB, left a huge surplus for third-party apps and games,

System response speed is very high, applications open at the same time unless the background cancer such as Taobao, paste it, otherwise you will not feel any fluency problems. Double-click wakes up and lock screen responds quickly, black screen again soon have locks, so even sensitive also does not have previously missed call problems.

In addition to say back scheme in fingerprint recognition. Home key fingerprint needs to click the home button on the front of wake up machine, but program on the back finger to unlock, process entities without pressing the button, and does not require additional sliding screen unlock, to get to the desktop speed and experience even faster or simpler than no encryption. Vivo X6 deterrence of fingerprint identification speed, fluency of man to machine also has certain bonuses.


Custom ROM Funtouch OS is a very hard, with from time to time feel to the design team in functionality, UI and usability considerations and tradeoffs between: simple icons of style in the best young users, but for the older generation users are white and, joining a rare break and part on the darker color scheme. With ease of use and simplicity as the selling point of the system, but set down a lot for the efficient design of gestures and advanced features.

The contradiction behind many custom ROM will have, of course, VIVO’s attitude, like trying to take the lead but don’t: multitasking interface and fast switching of this integration is possible, just keep pressing home key and control centre triggered in two ways, with long crossed trigger will naturally use more convenient. Advanced features such as gestures and body operations does not open by default, but also left a detailed text animation and instructions for use.

Funtouch OS 2.5 is somewhat like the girl, the system looks don’t feel the stunning, but this is very familiar and easy to use. Its aesthetic and usability on the scale, clearly favoured the ease of use and functionality, and is very grounding. Really want to say problem, is in order to meet users ‘ habits and retention of key, long pressing the Home key, and many advanced users now looks unnecessary things, and different UI aesthetic.


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