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Feelings of contradictory body, hammer Smartisan T2 evaluation report

Hammer Smartisan T2 is very controversial machine, plus numerous hammer of hammer powder black and Navy, made it hard for ordinary users on the machine itself has a clear understanding, so I hope this evaluation to show complete Smartisan T2.

The evaluation report, in addition to the regular screen, performance, photo, sound quality and battery life, but we focus on appearance and Smartisan OS Smartisan T2 as a selling point for analysis.


144.55*70.84*7.53 mm, 146g

4.95 inches 1080P screen @445PPI

Xiao long 808 (MSM8992) +3GB +16GB/32 GB Emmc5.0 memory storage

2670mAh battery, do not support TF card expansion

Front 5 million pixel camera, post 13 million pixels camera optical image stabilization, f/2.0 aperture

Nano-SIM a single card, netcom

Support the NFC, but there is no fingerprinting and fast charge 

16GB 2499 Yuan, 32GB2599 Yuan

Appearance and workmanship

Feelings of contradictory body, hammer Smartisan T2 evaluation report
Feelings of contradictory body, hammer Smartisan T2 evaluation report
Feelings of contradictory body, hammer Smartisan T2 evaluation report

T2 black tray packaging, accessories, including Chargers, power cord, instruction manual and check card PIN.

Feelings of contradictory body, hammer Smartisan T2 evaluation report
Feelings of contradictory body, hammer Smartisan T2 evaluation report

Left nuts phone packaging, T2 on the right packaging

T2 packages and low-order nuts almost the same, just change the label, and change color to black.

Feelings of contradictory body, hammer Smartisan T2 evaluation report

Charger also for 5V1.5A specifications do not support the fast charge. For a starting price 2499 Yuan Chinese mobile phone, which is not too kind, it’s no wonder many media have criticized the T2 to nuts like mobile phone accessories clearance inventory.

Feelings of contradictory body, hammer Smartisan T2 evaluation report
Feelings of contradictory body, hammer Smartisan T2 evaluation report

Two generations of hammer, the look of the phone is not much different, the same is a tribute to iPhone4 sandwich design, main changes concentrated in the metal frame and 2.5D glass. Brow Chin is wide, wide screen black out, its metal frame also be thicker than other phone, causing it to become minority and iPhone screen than Android phones.

Feelings of contradictory body, hammer Smartisan T2 evaluation report

Officials said it will not have a white version, plus glass of fingerprint features, T2 also dubbed the fingerprints but did not identify the cell phone. Virgo may stand, but this heart of users did not feel much discomfort.

Forehead is the camera on the left side, right side of the receiver combines the light sensor/distance, simple configuration let loose on his forehead is very empty.

Chin about entity keys larger Phantom, pressing slightly stiff feel. Users to reflect, and hands of the machines, three buttons have a slight texture difference, although has little effect on use, but be prepared before buying.

Metal patch between the camera and the Middle logo just below the glass, inside English printed logo at the bottom. 2.5D’s really very beautiful, but very slippery, be careful when sliding on the desktop.

 Top noise-reducing microphone and headphone jack.

Symmetric mesh at the bottom on the left is the microphone on the right speaker, did not follow mainstream flagship Type-C interface.

Symmetrically arranged around the volume and brightness keys.

SIM card slot hidden underneath the volume keys, Cato’s design simple and compact, built-in spring allows greater tolerance and volume button stay compact. Slot key virtual-even smaller than the buttons on the left, some netizens left and right volume keys feel and tension, but we got the machine is very similar, perhaps the differences between batches.

Worth noting is that high requirements of card slots for SIM cards, author two pieces cut into nano-SIM their own telecom card size has a unrecognized, users to be aware of when buying and using it.

Metal frame with no breakpoints scrub particles is very large, matte effect is obvious, slightly curved.

Falling from the scar, coated relatively thick, painted less risky. Metal and glass directly after, works very well, there is no common “plastic gasket”, structure and visually simple and capable than the previous generation’s a lot, but when any broken screens higher risk.

T2 and T1 for the 5-inch screen, thickness and weight reduction, aspect slightly increased because of the metal rim to join (T1-141×67.74×8.23mm,167g;T2-144.55*70.84*7.53 mm,146g). Significantly lighter in weight and smaller body and thick matte metal frame, let it handshake has improved significantly.

One-hand operation seriously lower the center of gravity, more careful flying out

T2 design and workmanship have places worthy of praise. Really to find fault, borders is a Happy Valley, wide jaw and wide forehead, Chin button is the author of the entity in the eyes of most look and feel failure:

Button destroyed the front of an entity simple and beautiful, prone to filth;

Was swallowed up in the home key the power key features, life is even more obvious on the subject of;

Touch screens, and the entity key used to be strongly divided;

Entity keys pressed the need for greater efforts and as slippery as SOAP-the pros and cons of glass, one-handed operation to the attention;

Finally design paradox: trying to get rid of the side slots and signals the partition, but the positive press but retained the three entities … … Victorias Secret Case for iPhone 5


Appearance and size comparison

Left nut of a 5.5-inch screen phone, right Smartisan T2

Millet 4,Smartisan T2 with 5-inch screen, millet 4C

5.5-inch MX5,Smartisan T2,5.5 inch screen of red rice Note2

4.7-inch screen of the iPhone Samsung S6 6s,Smartisan T2,5.1-inch screen edge


Brightness tests

Color field tests

Screen color contrast, left for iPhone 6s, right Smartisan T2

T1 and T2 screen in line with sharp on the supply of 4.95 inches 1080P IPS screen, 445PPI. Apart from the protective glass is thick, slightly affected the screen fitting effect, overall good performance of the screen:

Maximum brightness and backlight uniformity performance: up to 501 nits brightness, and edges between 479-493 nits brightness;

Cooler color temperatures significantly: default mode, color temperature fluctuated between 9900K;

Performance: average Delta e was 1.61, highest value of 5.87, minimum value of 0.48. In contrast, iPhone Delta e 6s 1.09,Galaxy S6 base mode to 1.6.


T2 uses Xiao long 808 1080P screen options configuration for performance are not flagship, but in balance. Xiao long 808 codename MSM8992,CPU some dual core A57@1.82GHz+4 core A53@1.44GHz,GPU of Adreno 418@600MHz (official website of nominal rather than a hammer, 625MHz). 3GB LPDDR3@933MHz 16GB/32 GB Emmc5.0 storage and memory (does not support TF card extend) is mainstream.

Using the same odd cool cell phone carrying Xiao long 808 flagship, millet, 4C, LG G4, as well as with a Exynos7420 Note5, letv Mobile 1 carrying Xiao long 810 Pro, incorporates Xiao long Note 801 of the millet as a performance comparison:

CPU computing power test


GPU graphics performance tests


Flash continuous read/write speed test (large games and apps load faster)

Overall, the hammer Smartisan T2 performance is normal Xiao long 808 performances, and also carry Xiao long 808 odd cool phone flagship, millet, 4C, LG G4 mutual victory. Overall performance was stronger than the previous generation of Xiao long 801, weaker than contemporary flagship Xiao long 810 and Exynos7420. Although not a true flagship level, but have enough and to spare the daily performance.


Camera interface: Smartisan T2 camera app wants to provide pick up photography experience. Minimalist interface and functions, including HDR/, landscape/panorama mode, set (pictured middle) only 10, which also includes QR code and business card scanning.

Photo experience: machine frame and smooth, light meter appear normal, slightly slower image speed, but T2 did not phase the focus function. Speed during the day compared to now has thousands of phase focusing also has certain disadvantages; low light focusing difficult, the bellows is quite severe, fortunately, the final piece rate or higher.

Parameters: Smartisan T2 with its 13 million megapixel rear camera, support for optical image stabilization, f/2.0 aperture. Officials did not release the sensor model, but its predecessor is the Sony IMX214 and phase focusing is not supported, so Smartisan T2 may be IMX214 on the basis of optical image stabilization.

Forecast: IMX214 common configuration was made flagship of the previous year, and vivo Xshot, Moto Nexus6, some models are equipped with an additional optical image stabilization. The sensor itself is 1/3.06 inches, size 1.12 μ m per pixel, which arranged and RGBW IMX278, IMX234/240 and 16 million pixels of the same size.

Compare objects: using the previous year’s flagship Nexus6 and this year’s domestic flagship and 2 compare, the former is the optical image stabilization IMX214 (most likely and T2), which is the same as the 13 million pixels of OV 13860, sensor size 1/2.6-inch, single-pixel size 1.3 μ m.

White balance

Selected scene 1

Selected scene 2

Selected scene 6

Analysis of the day

Scenario 1 the Central amplifier

Scenario 1 below the Central amplifier

Scenario 2 the Central amplifier

Scene 3 the Central amplifier

Scene 4 the Central amplifier

Scene 5 the Central amplifier

Analysis of weak light

Scene 6 the Central amplifier

Scenario 6 right of Center amplifier

Scene 7 above the Center amplifier

Scene 8 the Central amplifier

Light meter: slightly darker day; metering light under low light, brighter than the naked eye can see;

White balance: Smartisan T2 appears very obvious and serious blue, gray object is obvious, and Red objects have color directly, something that many thousands of machines may not be a problem;

Day critical eye and noise control: better than the previous generation flagship Nexus 6, but this generation’s flagship one-and 2 also had significant gaps;

Analysis of weak light and noise control: noise control than the previous generation flagship Nexus 6 good, but critical eye than the latter, and a 2 gap is more evident.

Overall, Smartisan T2 photographed quite satisfactory. Day and noise control is good, but low light performance was not up to the best generation of flagship with optical image stabilization. In addition, white balance appears to be very serious of blue, very real perception, which I hope the Administration can fix this problem as soon as possible.

Sound quality

Smartisan T2 for left and right channels on a Texas Instruments OPA1612 operational amplifier chips (T1 OPA2604), but still did not carry independent DAC chip.

As compensation, Smartisan OS built-in Dirac HD Sound filtering digital signal processing technology, systems built for some headphones special tuning of acoustic models, the transient response and sound frequency/dye for software modification, hoping to maximize headphones/speakers at full blast.

Test your system’s built-in mixing Apple EarPods, the actual effect is unfortunately. Smartisan T2 dual op-amp, although very clear thrust bonus thrust than the average cell phone a lot better, but millet and vivo series, Note, PRO5 independent DAC chip mobile phones have very obvious gap. If the headset is not in tune, the gap or even one ear can distinguish.

Battery life and heat

Smartisan T2 batteries 2670mAh for half an hour game power 18%, half an hour Internet browsing 6%. Performance is not good, 2670mAh Xiao long battery 808 and 5-inch screen is indeed a bit difficult.

App startup in the background, open WiFi SIM card, 8 hours of standby power 4%, card sets up mobile data and WiFi,8 hours of standby power 8%, standby power is high. Overall battery life performance poor, daily use recommended standing mobile power.

Original charger, Meizu and Anker fast charge charging function test

Smartisan T2 charging speed is a serious weakness. Except there is no fast charge in addition to 5V/1.5A the original charger or even only in a 5.1V/1.3A power run, charging machines even 4 years ago. In addition, the tragedy is that third-party and other brands of fast charge failed to provide charging power of more than 5.1V/1.2A … …

Machine 0-100% charging time 2 hours and 38 minutes, even on a low-end machine, the result is also quite ugly, and flagship location Smartisan T2 has a huge gap.


Run NBA2K15 after half an hour, positive temperatures appears to the left three entity keys, as 44.8 degrees; maximum temperature appears under volume key on the back near the 44.3 degrees. Fast glass and metal materials and heat transfer, real feel temperature between hands and hot, but temperature control is very good.


Smartisan OS as early as March 27, 2013 (earlier known as hammer ROM), opening in June of the same year to download, and the purest Smartisan OS until the hammer T1 and nuts phone release. Smartisan T2, Smartisan version number of the OS has been updated to 2.5.

Evaluation of polarization of the different users of the system very seriously, likes to say that it features warm and practical, people who hate it think it is a real “old ROM”. After 2 years of development, it has no black hammer that garbage, but certainly not as magical as hammers fans to use.

Victorias Secret Case for iPhone 5

/It is the hammer nut series cell phones the most important selling points, not one, so this evaluation using the maximum space to restore a real Smartisan OS.

The system UI and logic

Lock screen, desktop, settings pages

Notifications, the notification bar shortcut buttons, more tasks page

Smartisan OS to be materialized and the animation is known for its rich and delicate. System has a lot of iOS6 to the new benchmark year to be materialized reference places: grey white interface multitasking interface, double-click the home button to call out and the left side of the music players, familiar faces browser layout and styling notes, and so on.

This system from logical operation, and peer not the same:

Android three Donkey Kong are entity keys;

Double-click the home button as Manager;

Retain key, global call out the drop down bar. Because key used lower frequencies, and everyone has a habit of men to pull, so the buttons usually rarely used;

Apart from the volume keys on the right side, there is brightness up/down key on the left side, can achieve card screen song, quickly open applications and other useful senior operations.

System functions and details

9 squares desktop is one of the most complex parts of the system, even features heyday MIUI, desktop features, it may not be so fine:

Large number of repaints and an infinite number of details to be icons and animation;

Using the concept of pages instead of the folder;

In the 36 squares (or more) quickly switch below the Palace can open applications;

Applications can be automatically arranged according to the icon color;

Screen scanning angle, corner labels hide, hide the desktop and so on.

Worth noting is that although official launched hammer desktop app, but hammer the phone is unable to replace third-party desktop, at least before the root cannot. If you like the machine hardware but don’t like the desktop user, buyer need to pay attention to it before.


Screen capture function, alarm clock, horizontal-displayed when you shoot the camera

To be materialized, calendar notes, the same to be the materialization of the timer

A weather app, you can read the page, had him record recorder, interface of traditional music players

Details of the functions of the system a lot:

System comes with thumb drop-down hover;

Comes with a ScreenCap, rolling screen, framing and doodling function;

/GIF video clips in the Gallery;

SMS send delay, recorder management records;

Horizontal pictures will show which direction is up, bring your own QR code and business card scanning;

Flashlight will adjust light sensor, in case of a mistake in his pocket flashlight;

Each alarm can be seen from the Bell of time;

The new remote assistance is simple to use, picture and sound and smooth under the WiFi, mobile phones can be used but only a hammer. Specific details, you can view the videos before we get started (5:40 start)

Although there are many small innovations, but the system will feel a sense of endearingly. Many applications feature specially enhanced, but still have a lot to catch up on the basis of functionality, such as:

Weather temperature curves;

Cannot control the alarm volume;

Notification bar shortcut button cannot be customized;

Unable to slide the switch to inform the notification bar, and shortcut button interface;

No harassment of interception.


Hidden deep in the background from Kai

In addition there are a lot of details like products:

Home essential startup control is not only deep, the normal user does not find. Default shield in addition to Twitter app for almost all applications, third party kill alarm clock and calendar are the background, does not work do not know how to save them;

22 there is no file in the application manager;

When you play songs in the background, the notification bar has no control buttons; third-party player songs was also collapsed by default the shortcut button;

So called change desktop themes, actually just changed the desktop background … …

Multitasking interface application installed each page as a separate task to yourself disappear after loading;

Setup, and then press return, will be forced to return the desktop;

Speech Assistant utility is still very low, is forced out in the notification bar, and music;

Built-in alarm clock application the animation is too much and too bulky, open always wait 1 and 2 seconds to load them;

Alarm clock alarm clock cannot be directly edited the list, the timer can only be precise to the minute and just 1 hours. Victorias Secret Case


Specific can’t stand is one of the best sets of lists: level set the incredibly long, arranged chaos; automatically rotates the screen and ridiculously low use frequency of language line (looking at lots of flags, but only the simplified Chinese, English, Japan and South Korea all 5).

Except I don’t like too much to be materialized, cable at regular intervals of nine squares desktop and icons are huge, also some personal preferences, but not too endearing mandatory. Of course, like these from person to person:

Essence as Android desktop Desktop plug-in function is cancelled, no clock and weather plug-in;

Cannot replace the real subject;

Turn out the pictures, choose no resolution;

Desktop wallpapers are forcibly fuzzy except unlock instantly, look down to the basic wallpapers

Contrast millet, Meizu, VIVO, OPPO, old manufacturers such as Jin, hammer system iteration and personnel investment is still too small. Remove set menu, in addition to internal logic has not been fully consolidated, even where there are still contradictions. For example as a label of simple and easy to use system, why are there double click Home button, two-finger zoom the desktop, dock bar sliding, ultra-discreet startup management so much hidden/hidden feature? Extra entity key sequences have a lot of games, but these are things that this simple principle and breached.


On a conventional Flash read/write tests in a row, Smartisan T2 has a good performance, but in random read/write tests of great influence on the user experience, its performance than previous generation flagship models.

In random write speed users to collect statistics, Smartisan T2 the bottom level (left 3 is on our test machines), well below the LG carries the same SoC G4, not any better than T1. Directly related to the performance and system optimization, System occasionally appear in the actual use of unknown Caton, and likely the worst scores.


In addition, Smartisan OS has a special-run optimization, partial run after the software has been detected, the system will automatically lock into a single core low frequency. In the course of practice runs, screen lock will jam the machine bug, after rebooting the system will get stuck in negative mode, you need to re-enter the app manually quit before running “antidote”. To prevent users from running and deliberately make a blacklist run, although not of any real use to the user, and occasionally cause trouble, but this is a hammer “bigoted” an important … …

Xiao long 808+3G of memory, the concerns are without any fluency, but occasional Cottonwood hammer system, multitasking interface animation frames, heavy loads, such as the alarm clock application issues. In addition, the most frequently used home and return the key of the entity, down a fraction of a second delay, it’s hard to get people to use the flagship machine the dripping.

Coupled with the slow gorgeous preset animation, how could not make it, and “fast” linked to the word. Real flagship speed used, or familiar with Smartphone users, don’t speed too much hope on this system.

In conclusion, this is a rich personal preferences (old team) feature of the system, many applications have a very special and intimate improvements, overall ease of use is higher. But there are a number of features to be added is missing, makes people feel whole functions planning has not completed, mixed with many advanced features. Fluency can actually, but speed and his flagship with at arm’s length.


Conclusion of this evaluation is summarized below, you can weight according to the needs of the project, hoping for T2 interested readers to have a rough idea of the cognitive:

Accessories and packing: almost follows the packaging of low-end machines in nuts and accessories, charger power is too low, not too kind;

Appearance: its design and workmanship worthy of praise, but additional entity keys are less useful;

Screen: this is in addition to a high color temperature, brightness and color performance is quite good, such as 1080P screen;

Performance: although not a true flagship, but the performance is fully covered;

System: from UI to features are very unique, but MIUI custom ROM, Flyme,funtouch OS and other domestic manufacturers, and overall ease of use and fluency is no advantage.

Photo: the normal levels of performance to catch up with a generation of flagship, flagship this year and there is still some distance;

Sound quality: thrust and software tuning, performed significantly better than ordinary phones, but have independent DAC phone also lags;

Battery life and heat: the battery performance, no fast charge and charging of worrying, these two are more serious shortcomings, but the fever bad.

Price: one of Xiao long 808,1080P screen, Middle photo, battery life is not very good, and there is no fast charge and fingerprint identification machines, 2499 starting price is really high … …

On the machine’s personal thoughts

May be because the company is small or fate, keeps the hammer and a real flagship for a gap. Just fill metal counterparts a year ago on the fuselage, optical image stabilization, and Netcom, other flagships, and even low-end machines universal fingerprint identification and rapid filling, which unfortunately will have to wait next year T3 make up.

Obviously, this is a cell phone, but paranoia designs no, looks is another question. Smartisan OS to use one or two always makes you smile, this is a complex contradiction, obdurate features many small innovations, design and function are more advanced and simple functionality mixed together.

But the younger users may feel a sense of endearingly, due cause, perhaps because it was old for his and his engineers to tailor system, and normal users have the need/cognitive access. After into the idea, the Markdown syntax notes, various shortcut key operation, management of tape recorders, Geek n squares desktop features appear more natural.

Extends to appearance, why should the pros and cons of glass? Why 5-inch screen? Why the huge icon? The answers to these questions, perhaps just old personal preferences, and he happened to be a man is not high, not quite middle-aged fat presbyopia.

Smartisan configuration of the T2 and experience, in 2500 and following, have far too many opponents can be selected. Smartisan feelings of T2 is also one needs to make up the difference machine. But for the industry, a vendor is always good, as a consumer, one more choice is always good. Although the author does not, nor does it suggest that you buy a T2, but the next generation will also have to look forward to.


Micro sweep sweep, author tips bar ~

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