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Last year, owned by Apple for Mac except the Mac Mini has been upgraded, new Haswell processors and faster SSD, while poor Mini until this year, ushered in a routine upgrade only, and released on a Mini, two years have passed, and Mini upgrades, is unsatisfactory feeling.

2014 unsatisfactory upgrade Mac Mini review

Stands, currently Mini of beggars version price for 499 dollars, and if you except loaded forced zhiwai for computer of processing performance also somewhat needs words, price for 699 dollars of well-off version will good some, and we this times evaluation of this paragraph is is well-off version, but we matching has a 1TB of mixed drive (Fusion Drive), price for 899 dollars, for is is rich didn’t to spent of people, Apple also prepared has price for 999 dollars of local version.

Those things that did not change:

2014 unsatisfactory upgrade Mac Mini review

1th, the “new” Mini and old basic in appearance, simple and flat aluminium alloy shell with edge at right angles, and at best say it is classic. There is a small white LED and an infrared receiver, side-no interface, on the back of separate black plastic plates on the cooling fan and the interface, and the settings for these interfaces is similar to old and (positive simply can’t see it).

2014 unsatisfactory upgrade Mac Mini review

New of Mini abandon has FireWire 800 interface, this old interface now was second a Thunderbolt 2 interface by instead of, and other of interface including Ethernet interface, and HDMI, and four a USB 3.0 interface, and SD card reader and audio entered output interface, for those complained Apple put all interface are put in back of people, Apple this attitude obviously is “wrong of not I is you of using habits” (above for old paragraph, below for new).

In terms of volume and weight, new Mini, and exactly the same old, if you want a lighter Mini, so long at ease and so on and so on.

Rose level:

Broadwell of Intel architecture processors delay means the new Mini performance upgrades and 2013 of the Mac family, in a small iron box is no surprise, new Haswell CPU instead of the Ivy Bridge CPU, upgrade the processor and GPU performance while reducing power consumption, 802.11ac Wi-Fi module also means that the maximum theoretical connection speeds of up to 1.3Gbps, the rate is about three times the 2012 Mini.

Transmission speed up to 20Gbps of Thunderbolt 2, the built-in DisplayPort 1.2 specification also makes the new Mini 30Hz 4K display output, HDMI port you can output in 30Hz 3840×2160 or 24Hz 4096×2160 picture 60Hz 4K output, is absent because of GPU performance constraints.

2014 unsatisfactory upgrade Mac Mini review

In other of upgrade project among most worth concern of is new GPU and new of storage speed has, 2012 paragraph of Mini using has Intel of HD4000, and 2014 paragraph of GPU is will according to you purchase what version of Mini different, 499 knife of beggars version with of is HD5000,699 knife and 999 knife of well-off version and local version with of GPU is is Iris 5100, this paragraph CPU in performance aspects than 13 inch of RMBP Shang of GPU also strong little , And Iris Pro 5200 difference, 5100 does not have dedicated eDRAM, limited performance, but in terms of performance, a price must be right.

2014 unsatisfactory upgrade Mac Mini review
2014 unsatisfactory upgrade Mac Mini review

New GPU will not let the Mini became a qualified game machines, based on our test results, Iris 5100 in the t-Rex tests, grades higher than HD4000 98%,CineBench tests, raised by 45%. For more demanding tests in Manhattan, 5100 also has improved, but relative to the t-Rex upgrade Manhattan performance upgrade is much less, so the experience improvement program that runs on top of.

2014 unsatisfactory upgrade Mac Mini review

Storage performance aspects, new of PCI-Express SSD compared original of SATA III has has obviously of upgrade, we to 2012 paragraph of Mini and 2014 paragraph of Mini are loaded Shang has Samsung of 128GB SSD zhihou for test, new of Mini of writes speed upgrade has 48%, read speed is upgrade has 62.2%, but specific of speed aspects each Taiwan machine Zhijian will has differences, because Apple of SSD suppliers is has several home of.

Beggar’s new Mini comes with 5400 RPM HDD Upgrade in speed was poor, so our advice is to buy off the plate or beggar, are mixed with money drive, and as representative of the force, by 2014 on HDD and hold is simply not good enough.

2014 unsatisfactory upgrade Mac Mini review

Finally, in terms of energy consumption increase, thanks to the new HaswellCPU and LPDDR3 RAM,CPU power consumption is greatly reduced, but the main reason is the new Mini only offer dual-core processor, GPU, instead of high power consumption. As for Apple’s claim of “the world’s most power-desktop” which we do not agree with, energy consumption of the new Mini that is compared to the old Mini had a bit of progress.

The things that a step back:

2014 unsatisfactory upgrade Mac Mini review

New MINI, and like an old subsection, there is a plastic cover at the bottom, but on older, simply the lid down, users will be able to upgrade your own hardware configuration, such as replacing the memory or replace the hard drive. But new of MINI Shang, plastic cover Board under also has a metal Board, metal Board is using Torx of security screws fixed of, put that block metal cover Board also take down, then put whole block Board out to, turned a height, then user also will found Apple is pit dad to will memory chip curing in has Board Shang, user cannot himself hands-on upgrade, so in buy of when on have determine you of memory is enough of. Jack Spade iPhone 5 Case

Cheating is not finished, and had two 2.5-inch hard drive in the new MINI was thrown out, replaced by a small PCI Express SSD interface, this new Mac, for users who only need a hard drive no problem, but want to insert expansion drives just can’t do it.

2014 unsatisfactory upgrade Mac Mini review

If new MINI of volume narrowed has also is how with, this two points to also can said extenuating circumstances, but problem is new MINI still is so big, Yes, using curing of memory chip does can less with points electric, but you a desktop province this electric is is meaning is unlikely to, even is competition opponents Intel of NUC, volume more small, but still provides expand memory slot.

My processor core where?

Simply, the new version of the MINI quad-core processors are no longer available, user-selectable dual-core processors are all low-voltage processors, much different from now on high-end Super, but this can’t blame Apple, Intel is also a responsibility.

Mac Mini has always been has using notebook processor of traditional, and these processor although than desktop level processor more slow more your, but they more small and more province electric, in zhiqian of Ivy Bridge processor Shang, Intel unified equipped with has HD4000 GPU, so regardless of you buy that a paragraph chip, you get of are is Intel best of Integrated GPU, and double nuclear and four nuclear processor are using has also of socket, for Apple for, is installation of when for a processor of Kung Fu just.

But Haswell processors, m-Series dual-core and quad-core processors are HD4600 GPU for now, the fourth best of the GPU is now available on Intel GPU,, as an Apple hardware, and has never been willing to discount on properties, so the new HD5000 or Iris on the Mac using the GPU.

HD5000 and Iris 5100 in currently of double nuclear u series processor Shang are can found, this paragraph processor using FCBGA1168 socket, and currently using this paragraph socket of four nuclear processor number for 0, can was plug into Mini of HQ series of four nuclear processor (these processor of TDP for 47 w, and old paragraph of Mini in the of four nuclear processor of 45 w almost, and are carrying has Iris 5200 GPU) using of socket is FCBGA1364, Using this socket dual-core processor is not, but not with a HD5000 and Iris 5100.

So for Apple, want back and forth among these different outlets the choice, have the following four options:

Continue to be provided on the same Board, dual-core and quad-core processors available, but some or all of the models of Mini had to use almost the GPU;

Custom two slightly different Board, will take care of the performance but the worst for sales (or the second worst) of Mac such a cost not cost-effective;

All equipped with quad-core processors and powerful GPU, and use the same motherboard, but this causes Mini hikes in the price of the iMac level, their own competing products;

Equipped with dual-core processors and powerful GPU, and use the same motherboard.

There is no doubt that Apple chose the fourth scenario, and why Apple choose … … Can say is take care of the cost of production and price, but only in terms of performance.

From run points among on not difficult see to in the end of Haswell with Ivy Bridge mutual Zhijian of compared, with frequency Xia Haswell each cycle processing of instruction than Ivy Bridge to more, but new Mini Shang of i5-4728U of highest frequency than zhiqian using of I7 low, single nuclear performance although can war a the has won, but old Mini after all has four a core, this that is to has more core performance part, new Mini was Hella have life cannot themselves has.

In daily use, dual-core processor for light applications such as daily Internet access fast enough, of course, (which are mainly a mixture of hard because in many cases the credit experience for one SSD can be promoted much greater than with a faster CPU. )


Many people who buy new Mini might be dark bright–after all, the new $ 100 cheaper than the old, and existence is to let those who can’t afford to buy Mini iMac consumer (Qiong) fee (diao) (SI) Mac have enjoyed the glory, on this point, the new Mini is doing pretty well.

But the 2011 and 2012 Mini beyond the lower threshold of Mac, performance is also not bad, quad-core processors so that they have good media playback performance, even a mini server that can be done to use two 2.5-inch drive bays and DIY upgrade memory makes gameplay better.

And most bad of is, Apple in put Mini of advantages took zhihou, no in other aspects for upgrade (RMBP repair more difficult upgrade more difficult, but more light range better, 2012 version of iMac cannot expand memory but screen better), in this is Shang Apple was too not kind has, although said Intel also somewhat responsibility, but this after all not 2014 paragraph Mini than 2012 paragraph Mini more slow of by mouth.


Better graphics performance and storage, Wi-Fi;

A little slightly lower energy consumption;

Duo 2014 should still be 2012 dual-core performance better;

Two Thunderbolt 2 interface and HDMI, 30Hz 4K;

Cheap $ 100.

Hehe: Jack Spade iPhone 5 Case

No longer provides a second 2.5-inch hard disk interface development;

Can’t do any more mini-servers;

Can’t expand memory any longer;

Jack Spade iPhone 5 Case

4K no 60Hz.

Roll weight:

Only dual-core processors.


Recommended option:

8GB RAM (beggars to add over $ 100, off the version and the local version of direct 8GB);

1TB hybrid drives (beggars to increase its $ 250, plus a $ 200 version off the, local version of the standard).

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