Oct 272016

ASUS ZenWatch off the beaten road test

Brought Android Wear, players generally only think MOTO 360, r and g Watch Gear Live several more popular products, in fact, Asus has introduced a fuselage textures Android Wear smart watches, its name is ZenWatch, the robot watch what is the experience?


ASUS ZenWatch off the beaten road test
ASUS ZenWatch off the beaten road test
ASUS ZenWatch off the beaten road test
ASUS ZenWatch off the beaten road test
ASUS ZenWatch off the beaten road test

We simply skip out of the box, accessories, like most other smart watches, has a power adapter, data cable and a charging cradle. Large power adapter of the charging current, 1.35A, has already surpassed the number of cell phones, but the charging current of the charging base is 0.5A. Starbucks iPhone 6 Case


ASUS ZenWatch off the beaten road test

Although the screen is ZenWatch square, but its dial design is also more rounded, although no MOTO 360 and g Watch r look so “force” but than the Gear Live, SmartWatch 3 General design is brilliant.


ASUS ZenWatch off the beaten road test

Dial surrounded by a metal frame, textured than good. But “screen” is small. Starbucks iPhone 6 Case


ASUS ZenWatch off the beaten road test

From this angle you can see the curvature of the screen glass is certain, which is nowadays more popular 2.5d glass, touch is also very good, ZenWatch the surface of the glass made of Corning Gorilla glass.


ASUS ZenWatch off the beaten road test

Side has a microphone, you can record voice commands through it. Metal frame with a three-layer, a layer of Brown in the middle.


ZenWatch back, you can see there are five metal contacts, and charging base.

Like many high-end watches and, in order to improve texture, ZenWatch leather strap.

Brown leather strap, but wear resistance of the surface is not very strong, prone to “off”.



Strap through the buckles on the side of can be easily removed for easy replacement.


ZenWatch metal buckle is used, it is convenient to adjust the strap length.

Lateral metal buckle with ASUS LOGO, metal-metal drawing process.


ZenWatch can already upgrade to Android Wear 5.0.1, result in smoother operation and more colorful dial.


Android Wear upgrade to 5.0.1, provides more style dial.


Long press the dial can be replaced.

Update Android Wear 5.0, the mobile client will produce more “Watch faces” option select the dial, we can install into Google Play more third party dial.


Android Wear 5.0 added the dropdown bar menu, you can set slide vibrations, features such as automatic wake.


Click on the screen, you can access the main menu, I believe played Android will not Wear this strange, after upgrading Android Wear 5.0 main menu layout has not changed, put the common application in the top of the menu.


Settings menu using the end of grey, white design.


ZenWatch by OTA (needs over the wall) upgrades to all Android Android Wear 5.0.1,Google Wear push upgraded equipment almost simultaneously, so ZenWatch can enjoy the “son” of treatment.


We can also use a USB Debug mode push applications to Android Wear, of course, you can also find us in Google Play needs.


New version of the app has support for Android Wear devices support pedometer friends ranking.

Starbucks iPhone 6 Case


Built-in electronic compass (screenshot of bug here, right corner there will be a black, it can not find out why, sorry. )


Believe is Android Wear the pedometer users more functionality, upgrade the Android Wear 5.0.1, pedometer interface tends to flatten.

Google already has plenty of Play for Android Wear applications, but many third-party applications for a fee, but for domestic users in the function doesn’t seem to have much utility.

From using say, Android Wear equipment is not a very useful product, most users have probably just not convenient or when mobile phone Watch system notifications, occasionally with a pedometer. Of course, if you’re a digital enthusiasts, want to try wearable devices, and are tired of cookie-cutter a regular watch, then Android Wear devices that might satisfy your curiosity, to give you a “toss” the opportunity. And for ZenWatch for this product, it is Android Wear devices in one of the more low-key, relative to big names such as Samsung, LG, Motorola, there is relatively low, but the product itself is solid enough, shape is also more personal. Battery life, ZenWatch and mobile phone links (closed long-term bright screen) use, battery life can have about three and a half days, basically satisfactory.

About system experience, Android Wear equipment can be said to be the same, interested friends can click on the video below to watch.

Report: Android Wear 5.0.1 experience video

Special thanks to @eXpansys rock-solid digital product.

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