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Android mobile phone hardware configuration continued for a long period of time after the race, differences gradually began to have some larger products, such as G2 behind the keys, Vega LTE-A behind the fingerprint identification is relatively unique designs, and the Galaxy of flexible screen and seems to be a new Round of development route of trying to. The new screen will become a trend again?

In early September launched the latest generation of Samsung flagship Galaxy Note 3, it has a lot of forward-looking attempts, as well as breakthrough hardware, such as 3G on the phone the first time any possible Ram and USB3.0. Samsung Rush released in October a flagship product also makes people unpredictable. Following is a Galaxy and Galaxy Round Note 3 (high pass, N9005) comparison of specifications:

Starting hand Samsung Galaxy Round experience

From the comparison chart, which almost exactly the same configuration, you can see something else at the same level, and Galaxy Round the most special place is, of course, the 5.7-inch flexible screen full HD, although the parameters 1080P and Note 3 is 5.7 inches Super AMOLED, but due to the flexible screen to join real sentiment and Galaxy Note 3 there are a lot of differences. Note 3 batteries larger than the Round 400mAh, also because of their Note positioning a s Pen. And because of the battery capacity is smaller, Round body more thin. Otherwise, both Xiao long 800, 3G Ram, 13.1 million pixel stack-webcam, USB3.0, all attributes are both exactly the same.

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Out of the box

Round similar to the style of packaging and the Samsung mobile phone, have adopted the “imitation wood” design, but package sizes greater

Starting hand Samsung Galaxy Round experience


Packaging some of the parameters

Starting hand Samsung Galaxy Round experience
Starting hand Samsung Galaxy Round experience


Round the front and Note 3 are very similar, is also using the rounded rectangle design, from a positive angle hardly tell Round and Note 3, of course Round the screen has the radian

Starting hand Samsung Galaxy Round experience
Starting hand Samsung Galaxy Round experience


Still with pleather design on the back, in fact, is still plastic, but feels closer than Note 3 leather texture and color also used retro coffee


Starting hand Samsung Galaxy Round experience


Camera uses a design similar to the Galaxy S4, in fact, such design is not good, because it is very easy to cause the camera around to scratch

Starting hand Samsung Galaxy Round experience


Speaker at the bottom, though the speakers are at the back, but the fuselage was bent, so the square will not bend hidden speakers

Starting hand Samsung Galaxy Round experience


Side still like brushed metal (actually is still plastic), the feel is smooth to the touch, key layout and Note 3 is the same. From this angle we can see the fuselage is cambered surface


Point of view of the other two Round surfaces of the fuselage


Top still has an infrared sensor, noise-reducing microphone 3.5mm headphone jack, “Qualcomm ® 4G” label is using a common feature of Gao Tongxiao series phones


Bottom call microphone and USB 3.0 interface, this Note was renewed after the 3 second paragraph using the USB 3.0 mobile


Continued the tradition of Galaxy series phones, Round can be detachable rear cover due to surface compromised the fuselage, so the cells in a lot smaller space, can shape into long strips and reduced battery capacity, and the battery is


Battery capacity 2800mAh


Form of slots and Note 3, also with layered microSIM card slot and microSD, which actually is not very good, when I unplug the card is not so convenient

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Samsung’s Korean version has always been “conscience”, equipped with double double charging, Galaxy Round only Korean version, so the package also comes with a battery charger, power adapter charge current of 2A


Size comparison of Round and Note 3, we can see that both body size within close proximity


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Because the fuselage is a surface, so you can achieve something similar “seesaw” operation combined with body sensors, for example in making screen preview information


After light up the screen, press the side, you can achieve similar wave effect, very beautiful


GIF shows


UI and performance

Galaxy Round is still used by the Samsung TouchWiz, believes that using Samsung mobile friend will feel familiar, here does not make detailed introduction


Round Red than Note 3 adds a default wallpaper …


And Korean version comes with a random bunch of junk …


Simply run the following points, CPU block more serious, so rabbit lower scores


While the GPU performance is good, even in GFXBench 2.7 have 27 frame for the first time in a test high score


After the Korea media said Galaxy Super AMOLED arranged Round using the RGB, xiaobian does take a picture with a macro lens, you can see that this is clearly typical of the Pentile arranged, RGB is a legend … ▼


Above is a simple demo of our Galaxy Round, wants to know more about this flexible screen phone information? Please refer to our detailed review.


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