Oct 182016

The morning of June 22 news, according to cooperation with Apple SIM Gigsky company’s latest data show that in 2014, launched the virtual Apple SIM card SIM, which is already available in more than 140 countries and regions.

Virtual SIM card SIM card is a virtual software, with the technology can overcome the inconvenience of an entity in the SIM card, when you travel abroad or want to change carriers, only need a simple software set can be completed without really replace a new SIM card (of course operators agreed to just go).

Apple SIM in more than 140 countries

Apple SIM is Apple’s new iPad due out in 2014 Air2, integrated in some countries 4G virtual SIM cards from the iPad. Apple’s intent is to let users between operators do not need to replace the SIM card can achieve switch, with the iPad will be more convenient. But as against the interests of operators, and soon was a block from the operator. Juicy Couture iPhone 6 Case

According to data from 2015, when supporting Apple SIM only over more than 90 countries and regions, and are mostly concentrated in the Africa region. And after more than two years after the break-in, the situation has clearly improved, and currently has more than 140 operators worldwide to become Apple’s partner, known as United States AT&T, and Sprint, and t-mobile and the United Kingdom of EE, as well as Japan’s KDDI supports Apple SIM.

China’s three carriers haven’t joined Apple SIM, but according to this trend, don’t know about future Apple SIM will not go into the country?


Source: NetEase, Tencent Juicy Couture sale

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