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Company: mobile phone shipments of the first Nexus 6P home is not for sale

  Weifeng Web on October 28, the third quarter of this year, Huawei Smartphone has been a big growth. According to Huawei’s latest data showed foreign consumer business, the third quarter of 2015 Huawei Smartphone in China and Europe, sales grew by a total of 63%. And in this quarter, the company introduced a variety of new smart phones, including Huawei Mate 7 s and glory.

  Specifically, as of September 30, 2015, Huawei Smartphone shipments reached 27.4 million units in the third quarter, to 20 million units in the same period last year. Most importantly, Huawei Smartphone in Chinese market and European market shipments increased by 81% and 98%, respectively, in the Middle East and Africa market shipments grew 70%.

  There is no doubt that Huawei its high-end equipment sales dramatically for the past few months. Huawei Mate 7 today in the global market has exceeded 6.5 million units in shipments, P8 cumulative global shipments of nearly 4 million units, P7, cumulative global shipments exceed 7.5 million units.

Company: mobile phone shipments of the first Nexus 6P home is not for sale

  These figures show that now Huawei may 2015 is one of the fastest-growing smartphone brands, compared with 33% for growth than other key competitors such as Samsung, millet and Lenovo even higher. Huawei predicted 2015 annual sales of 100 million smart phone. After HIS report showed, Huawei Smartphone shipments have been completed by 50 million in the first half. Hello Kitty phone case

  Analysys analyst nikeer·Peng (Nicole Peng) alleged that Huawei is now hard to find a rival competitor, world’s top three in the short term (after Samsung and Apple) position will not change. By contrast, domestic manufacturers phone shipments in the third quarter fell for the first time 8%, Huawei has counter attacked millet became the largest smartphone maker. Hello Kitty case


  This year, it has another high-end Smartphone Nexus for Google to create the 6P, now the machine has been available for sale in Europe. However, it is interesting, its consumer business CEO Yu says, “and Google Nexus 6P not in the domestic market”.

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