Dec 292015

How dangerous is the Flash? Hackers attack top 10 vulnerability Flash 8

  Beijing time on November 10 morning news, Recorded Future information security research firm study released Monday shows that Adobe Flash plug-in has become the most favored by hackers target.

  The study looked at more than 100 a hacking tool. Implantation of these tools are Web page framework can automatically detect when users browse the Web software vulnerabilities. Developers of these hacker tools often employed by others, and assisting in the dissemination of a particular malware.

iPhone leather wallet

  Top 10 vulnerabilities discovered in these tools, of which 8 targeting Adobe Flash, and Adobe Flash is currently being tens of millions of computers to play multimedia content. iPhone leather wallet wallet case

  From January to September this year Recorded Future concern, popular hacking tools, such as Angeler, Neutrino and Nuclear Pack find software vulnerabilities, vulnerability and hot on a hacker Forum.

  Recorded Future, a similar to conclusions with other information security researchers found. The company points out that Flash can provide a secure environment, this discovery brings into question.

  Report says “Adobe Flash has become a common attack vector for the crime, and information security expert, malware is not surprising, but Adobe Flash trigger hack is a mammoth. ”

  Through the code review, Adobe has been working to make Flash more secure over the past years. But for a has more than 20 years of application, optimization of information security has become a difficult task. Adobe is usually published monthly security updates for Flash, and where necessary also for 0 “vulnerability” issue emergency security update.

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Dec 282015

When the computer became the third demand PC what can I play?

  If not the ads, people would not think of PC on this topic.

  Not long ago, combined with Lenovo, HP, Dell, Microsoft and Intel, five PC manufacturers to jointly launch new PC ads. In the United States this ad titled “PC Does What? “China as a” computer? This line “. Sino-US is the main battlefield of advertising campaigns aimed at educating consumers on PC a new look, new features.

  In the ad, people repeatedly shouted “PC Does What?!”. PC of the intent of the ad is to show these new features to surprise people, but surprise is hidden behind another truth about PC forgotten far too long.

  From this series of ads launched has been the past half a month, while five companies the cost of $ 70 million, but feedback from people around is flat. Although claims to cover more than 90% of elevator advertising, many people did not even notice it’s there.

  When the PC became the third requirement

  Once, like previous PC computers for young people like married people must buy three piece, is a kind of “standard” style.

  When the PC is the center of home entertainment, is the only Center of all other equipment must be designed around the PC for, matching.

  Peaks appear in the PC industry in 2011, global PC shipments this year has reached 365 million. But then sales decline, has shrunk to 304 million in 2014. Corresponds with a Smartphone and Tablet rapid sales growth, data from IDC shows that Smartphone global shipments in 2013 alone has exceeded 1 billion units, increased global Tablet shipments by 2014 to 229.7 million units.

  It’s no wonder Apple CEO Tim Cook in 2012 to make “PC is no longer a digital Centre of life” argument.

  When slowly faded Halo PC, smart phones and tablets are not only in terms of sales growth, people spend increasing amounts of time on a mobile device. According to the statistics Korea people use Smartphones for 4 hours a day on average. Mobile phones are becoming a new entertainment center.

  Support this phenomenon in the commercial market. For the smart-phone market, one industry source said: “I now pretty much everyone in the phone! ”。

  Indeed, now phone wars have not only the traditional handset makers, there is a traditional household appliance companies, PC manufacturers, chip companies, Internet businesses, handset market seemed to become a universal participation in the Carnival. Jeremy Scott iPad Mini Case

  People’s University Business School professor who declined to be named, said more and more companies launch mobile phone product behind the fundamental reason for today’s business logic is changing. “Used to be single King era, every business depends on a product or range of products ever. Today electronic products and home appliances are changes in the logic of the product, products for personal use are increasingly emphasized the linkage effects, while the Smartphone is the center of linkage. Which is why today household electrical appliance enterprises are also reasons to launch its own brand of mobile phones “, the professor said.

  According to the Professor, due to recent Samsung phones sales decline had led to Samsung’s sales of other products are affected. In contrast, is declining in the global PC and Apple MAC computer contrarian growth. Analysts believe that the Apple phone sales boosted the demand for MAC computers, Apple is to strengthen interoperability between devices.

  In fact PC manufacturers are aware of this change.

  ”When consumers cash in hand when faced with multiple choices, he will first meet the needs of replacement phones, then consider devices such as tablet computers, and on the PC you want to be able not to daixian combined make”, said xiaosanle, Executive Director of Dell greater China market.

  Marketing Director interviewed several other times although there is no direct opinion, but when it comes to PC market increases, are how to make the PC as described in supplementary mobile device cannot meet the demand.

  Although they think demand for smart phones and other smart devices after the meeting, the consumer will come back to update the PC computer. They are not willing to admit that PC to become the third requirement, and some slowdown in PC sales decline in the data, and some slowdown in growth of tablets and Smartphones. But an indisputable fact is that PC computer needs need to be sought from the mobile device market that block has not been met in the market, or using equipment, such as cross-border products, impacts from the existing market. When the PC is no longer the first demand, PC manufacturers need to spend more experience to convince people to buy PC.

Jeremy Scott iPad Mini Case

  Hold together for warmth Jeremy Scott iPad Mini Case

  The five companies to launch joint advertising opportunities are very clever. Remove the previously mentioned when PC sales decline slowed, mobile device beyond the slowdown or card in several product and service updates.

  Windows10 operating system Microsoft has this year, not only to achieve a Unicom across devices such as mobile phone, Tablet, Xbox, also announced a free upgrade, while Intel has released six daikurui not only boost in performance, there is an obvious decrease in power, six Han daikurui product line covers almost all types of equipment. Both Microsoft and Intel update, theoretically the PC industry is a plus.

  After the publication of the advertising, Lenovo released Yoga series, HP PC Dell will continue to introduce new products. Fit is perfect.

  Zhang Yi璠, Marketing Director of Intel China represents the point in time by means of a precise calculation. Several partners Windows10 published, six daikurui time to market, as well as the OEM points of the machine listed in large quantities, have conducted many discussions and meet.

  Zhang Yi璠 said this in June or July this year the preparatory planning. Five companies in the United States to set up a Special Committee, formed by the Chief Marketing Officer of each. After the establishment of the parties should be carried out once a week to meet the meeting, to discuss the details of the plan.

  This Lenovo, HP, Dell three PC isn’t easy at the same time, especially such a monumental task of promoting responsible for teaching the whole PC market.

  In the past, who are not willing to do this thankless job, is likely to spend huge sums of money from the new market, cake is carved up by a competitor.

  And now five have come together to jointly promote, xiaosanle think the combined issue volume is large enough. But we must also cover is, PC market has faced a longer voice will be drowned in an awkward position. While the industry would interpret this as practice of PC companies hold together for warmth.

  They do not reject hold together for warmth, xiaosanle joked that “hold warm”. They also don’t think the PC market has become yesterday’s story, it is only temporarily in a long path of development in-band downlink interval. They believe that the bottom has been formed, State of the PC industry in financial and professional terms, is close to “bottom out” stage.

  Consumers desire can be stirred?

  PC industry trend is established fact, but the PC industry have reached bottom are things that cannot be estimated.

  Not long ago, both IDC and Gartner released its worldwide PC shipments in the third quarter report. IDC report shows that global PC shipments in the third quarter totaled 71 million units, representing a decline of 11%, declined more than the company expected. Gartner expects global PC shipments in the third quarter fell to 7.7%, down 73.7 million units.

  Both companies reported that global PC market still in decline, has not adversely affected by Microsoft’s new operating system Windows 10 listed a boost. But because Quad 6 only just launched in August this year, the market still does not reflect.

  Through 2015, IDC remains pessimistic. IDC expects worldwide PC shipments to decline again in 2015, 8.7%, and this decline has continued for 5 years until 2017 does not change.

  However it is worth noting is that while the PC market continues to slide, but slowed in 2014.

  In addition, IT executives most excited is a set of data: the world has more than 500 million with at least 5 years old PC is still in use, while in China the figure is 55 million, 30 million consumer notebooks, business desktop PC of 25 million units.

  If you can convince these older PC users to replace the PC, that PC sales will bring an enormous boost.

  The other hand, smart-phone shipments slowed, tablets or even negative. This phenomenon is interpreted by PC manufacturers product rule of same industry.

  Lenovo Vice President, CMO of China Wang Chuandong at this point and Zhang fan, agreed: “the market development trend perspective, any industry develops to a certain stage, it has a certain degree of saturation, this is an ever-changing cyclical process. “In their view, all kinds of products have a climbing, peak, and decline in the process, as the slowdown in smart phone is close to the peak, PC down to a certain extent will start a new round of increases.

  So the question finally came, PC market recovery depends on whether PC makers of new products arouse consumers ‘ desire to update PC.

  Problem for now, most consumers still has no plans to replace the PC. Cast how to save consumers say PC manufacturers themselves face problems.

  HP enterprise business PC after the business opened into two companies, many in the industry believe that h-p has to shift its strategic focus to the enterprise IT; after Dell buy EMC, also are more likely to transition to a large enterprise technology solution provider; for Lenovo, and they are now more eager to prove himself in the Smartphone market.

  At the time of the major PC manufacturers is busy with her new business, also can tell how much energy to PC computer?

  IDC analyst tangmu·maineili (TomMainelli) has pointed out that with the PC sales decline, the market is moving to the big four PC manufacturers concentrated. The four major manufacturers Lenovo, HP, Dell and Apple, respectively. In both the current 5 to 10 companies, is likely to have both withdrawn from the market. Current 5 to 10 companies respectively, Acer, ASUS, Toshiba, Samsung, and Fujitsu.

  Yang yuanqing, Lenovo CEO has made such a claim, he was that the PC industry will continue in the future to further integration.

  But if the joint marketing activities and subsequent new product failed to stop the decline in PC sales, under the principle of pursuers after being intercepted in the first, left in the PC industry market space to let out?

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Dec 272015

  Microsoft is the biggest change in recent years than in sadiya·Nadela advance as CEO of cross-platform strategy, and more focus on productivity. According to Business Insider reported recently in London’s “decoding the future” (Future Decoded 2015) during a keynote speech at the Conference, Nadela also showed off his “iPhone Pro”. But it’s not applause for Apple, but because this is a filled with Microsoft’s own iPhone productivity applications.

  Through the screen of the iPhone, we found that the installation include the familiar Word, and Excel, and PowerPoint, and OneDrive, and Skype, as well as the ‘ new ‘Sway, Delve, also recently acquired Sunrise calendar application. iPhone 6 Moschino

  As for the “iPhone Pro,” the term is Nadela DreamForce 2015 first mentioned during the keynote speech at the Conference.

  While Microsoft still holds a large share of desktop operating systems and Office suites, but the company realized in the device (BYOD) and mobile enough, its is committed to becoming a service to expand to everywhere in the company. Moschino iPhone case

  In a 40-minute speech in the process, Nadela also shows your current workhorse (rest assured I would really not iPhone), it is a brand new Lumia Wunderlist running 950XL, and (wonderful list).

  Wunderlist is Microsoft for productivity and to consider a takeover, there is also the much-trumpeted the Continuum function–by supporting the attachment, cell phones can connect the screen and keys, mouse and other peripherals, and you create a desktop-like experience. HoloLens and Surface product line had to be briefly mentioned.

  Software, Barnard talked about their favorite Microsoft services, including Outlook in Office in 2016 after the upgrade, as well as Windows based on Windows in 10 Hello biometric security features.

  Overall, Nader highlighted Microsoft’s current direction of development, will help us to fully understand its planning software and services for years.

iPhone 6 Moschino

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Dec 252015

Aliens invade Christmas

This is a good day for two days, kids around the world look forward to dropping looking white beard grandfather saiduomansaiduo socks. Well, wait, who says only children? Oh oh oh, friends look forward to gifts … … Well, aliens eh, an alien invasion!!! Santa hide … … iphone 5 Hello Kitty case

hello kitty covers


Talk to hold and kiss me!


Special Christmas pudding.


An alien born from the Turkey’s body.


Special intimate contact with the star of Bethlehem.

Mixed with the eggs in a Christmas gift.


Santa why haven’t you? I was so tough for you … … hello kitty covers

What do you think, interesting? More scenes from the Netherlands Amsterdam Papersmith Studio, all in plain origami complete! If this is true, Christmas is a little more fun?


Dec 252015

  As SLR or even smart-phones with the camera is becoming more and more strong, photographers shoot photos of more aesthetic, artistic and creative. For girls, photographed themselves is their nature, and the “Lotus Flower” style images tend to be more enchanting.

X-DORIA iWatch frame

  I believe many people have seen the photos, or seen in the films of pictures: when a long hair fluttering after sister emerged from the water, itself due to the wet temptations becomes particularly attractive when swung hard, with hair spray out a circle, this scene was just kidding, explosions. Also, this photograph is very very difficult. Not only sister swing their hair appropriately, and photographers master the capture time, can make a beautiful picture. X-DORIA iWatch frame iWatch Case

Happy throw a cup of hot water in the ice and snow and made into beautiful photos

  Recently, Canada has two great gods strength show a wave action. Because they “throw in water” sites not only in the snow, where dozens of degrees below zero, and throw in a still hot water. This photo was shot at about 12 miles south of the Arctic Circle near an Inuit village. The village currently has about 1400 Inuit, and on this day, the area is only about 2.5 hours of sunshine throughout the day. In other words, you just know when the sun rises, it will be left behind.

Happy throw a cup of hot water in the ice and snow and made into beautiful photos

  Them selected Cup and not in an instant all the hot flick, of the reasons and will use hot water just to shoot this “fog flower” effect. At the moment then wrapped in the fog the sun flower, is out this stunning photo.

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Dec 252015

Selling routers to the TP-Link announced that next year's introduction of the smart phone

  As we all know, TP-Link is Taiwan a focus on production network equipment manufacturers and PC Accessories, especially in the field of the router is known. However, as 2016 come, TP-Link will no longer stick to the limited business, and will be launched in February next year is not the same as the product: smart phones.

  Wei Feng network, December 25, recently, TP-Link announced that 2016 will officially enter the Smartphone, launched its own smart phone brands: Neffos. YSL Galaxy S5 Case

  TP-Link why do smart phone?

  In 2015, the TP-link router market is still the boss, global market share as high as 42.3%, and four years in a row in the first place. But one of the biggest problems appeared, domestic manufacturers from 2013 to boost smart router waves, including millet, routing, Huawei and 360 in the router industry participation, and even TP-Link in ranked first, their market share is gradually being eroded.

  A key problem is, now consumers buy a router first thought is no longer TP-Link, but domestic prices low and provide fresh features of smart routers. In addition, by big manufacturers such as ASUS, NETGEAR yearly updates to the high configuration and functionality of high-end router extrusion, depending on TP-Link resounding fame has been difficult to sustain long-term survival.

  To tell the truth, in fact, as early as 2012, TP-Link tried to launch mobile phone T882, nobody knows but can only give up. But the rapid rise in recent years, many other industry players, into the ranks of the world’s top smartphone maker, TP-Link had to admit that this is a more profitable business. Today’s mobile phone manufacturers as a sideline, selling air conditioning, also sell MP3 ‘s and sell repeat, English language training was also involved, TP-Link added a sideline is taken for granted.

  TP-Link mobile phone what can it be?

  Although not very far from February 2016, but to obtain the relevant details are few. TP-Link, President of hints that they build smart-phones is different from all the other smartphones on the market, aim to provide a friendly user interface and simple smart features and absolutely stylish designs.

  According to the previous message, we can see TP-Link some time ago with Google, the first Google’s own brand of router OnHub, the main router is simple to use and experience optimization features, such as Super simple home Wi-Fi network set up, and most user-friendly home network management, and more. More crucially, OnHub router has a very stylish design, Google believes in people’s daily lives don’t have to hide the router to see corners, but also as a beautiful piece of furniture, the better its performance to ensure unobstructed signal.

  So, given Google’s partnership with TP-Link, does this mean that TP-Link will also use Android operating system for smartphones? And whether it will have a design inspiration from the OnHub router? Taking into account the currently most manufacturers to use the Android operating system, so even Neffos we are also not surprisingly, no longer on the market, after all, the second to provide such a competitive platform. We are more concerned about is that the TP-link router and how to build smart-phones?

  Not surprisingly, TP-Link cell phones should be released after the Spring Festival.

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YSL Galaxy S5 Case

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Dec 252015

  Although officials did not officially confirmed, but suddenly an ad on the Steam platform but it has left many people shocked–Dragon Quest: Hero coming PC platform!

Not the same without the Dragon Quest: Hero lands PC

  Some tour players know the age of the Dragon Quest, the series has been called the “national RPG”, enjoys high popularity. Dragon Quest: the heroes change the original classic RPG style, to unique cutting grass, although controversial, but sales overall were pretty good.

  Dragon Quest: Hero started landing on the PS3 and PS4, it can reach 1080p/60fps on next-gen platforms. Although the PC version is currently not much information, but nothing else it can also reach the PS4 level even higher. Ted Baker iPhone 6 Case Ted Baker iPhone 6 covers

Ted Baker iPhone 6 Case

  Perhaps because Japanese manufacturers now unbearable situation, landing more and more Japanese game PC platforms, it is very good for the players. Do not know when, the Orthodox of the Dragon Quest works to come on the PC?

Not the same without the Dragon Quest: Hero lands PC
Not the same without the Dragon Quest: Hero lands PC
Not the same without the Dragon Quest: Hero lands PC
Not the same without the Dragon Quest: Hero lands PC
Not the same without the Dragon Quest: Hero lands PC

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Dec 242015

  In one of China’s four famous classic journey to the West, Sun Wukong in a somersault over 108,000. From a character reference to a certain extent on the journey to Japan classic manga of Dragon Ball, it is referred to as cloud and materialized. Goku can conjure up a cloud, and stepped on the foot of flying. In Dragon Ball, and you have a set, only the mind pure and undefiled can use the cloud. Paul Frank iPad Air Case

  But now, even if your heart but also because a lot of shame shame filled with dirty thoughts about things, as long as you can afford the price of a $ 20,000, you can still experience driving “cloud” feeling.

Paul Frank iPad Air Case

Only 20,000 knives you can drive cloud of feeling

  This suspension skateboards were produced by ArcaSpace, a company, the company was originally a private space company. But may be because of the bad space operations and diverted to other things. Although as early as a few months ago, Lexus launched a magnetic skateboard, but the difference is that ArcaSpace skateboards not required as Lexus in particular orbit or on the ground. In other words, it can be used anywhere!

Only 20,000 knives you can drive cloud of feeling

  This suspension Skateboards available for 36 fan 430 pounds of thrust, or 272 horsepower. As long as you’re not fat, it can take you. For the company, and they have high expectations for this product is. They hope it will be able to become a bike, car and plane after a revolutionary new vehicle.

Only 20,000 knives you can drive cloud of feeling

  Of course, for now, $ 19900 price seems high. This may be an unbearable price of ordinary people. In the future, it is able to show with the properties that match the price? It remains the market testing.

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Dec 242015

  A picture, looking from a different perspective, see different content, it may not be unusual, something like that can often be seen on the streets. But in fact, such things often used the principle of light displacement, simply put, is two pictures together, using different light refractions of different materials to light, so will see different content from a different perspective. MIU MIU iPhone 5 Case

MIU MIU iPhone 5 Case

  Of course, you want to make a picture requires a certain expertise, materials and equipment. For most people, it is difficult to do at home. And now, a new inkjet technology will make you at home can easily print out the pictures. Of course, before it and that the use of the principle is completely different. Because it is not used by two photographs, but there is only one. When you flip a photo later, you will find photos of the color will change. And the colour change can only exist in local rather than global.

New printing ink-jet technology makes your photos look more cool

  To change a picture to see it again, you will find color overall compared with the first one is completely different, but have one thing in common that: color is in some areas remain unchanged. Because this printing technique depends on the material, rather than as before to “cheat” in your eyes.

New printing ink-jet technology makes your photos look more cool

  Researchers said that this technique will be used in a lot of areas. Including production of passports and credit cards, and even printing techniques, and so on. MIU MIU iPhone 5 Case

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Dec 242015

  Beijing time on December 24, 2015, United States time magazine in accordance with established practice of the 2015 years issued a series of “top ten” of inventory. In this year’s “top ten moments in space” in the list and covers the most important space events of this year, from Kepler 452B found, to the study of comets and dwarf planet USA and Europe.

  But after the list was released, the world space community and continued several important events took place, including United States SpaceX company on December 22, recovered from the track for the first time the rocket’s feat, on December 17 and China launch “Goku” dark matter particle detection satellite, this is the highest resolution in the world of dark matter detectors. Here is this time magazine released in 2015-”top ten moments in space”:

  : US-Russian astronaut began a year-long space presence missions

Time evaluation of 20,150 space moments: the discovery of Earth 2.0

  If you get a chance, maybe you would be happy to spend a year in space, but your body will definitely hate you to do so. The human body is designed to adapt to Earth’s gravity, moving to a zero-gravity environment, your bones, muscles, heart, eye and immune system will experience as well. Short-term missions may be able to address, but if you want to implement the Manned Mars exploration, the effects of long-term space presence of the people would have to find countermeasures.

Jack Spade iPhone 5 Case

  To this end, the United States astronauts sikaote·kaili (Scott Kelly) and Russia Cosmonaut mihayier·kelinianke (Misha Kornienko) on March 28, 2015, to fly to the international space station, began a year-long space presence, is expected to return to Earth in March 2016, during which they are expected to circle the Earth about 5840 times.

  Second: the safe operation of the international space station for 15 years

Time evaluation of 20,150 space moments: the discovery of Earth 2.0

  With the advancement of construction, the size of the international space station today has more than one area of the football field. In 15 years the station maintained a continuing presence. Of course, in the event of threat events, astronauts can take the ship away from the station can run automatically without human until threat excluded, astronauts will be able to return to work. Since construction began in 2000, the international space station has been in continuous operation for more than 15 years in Earth orbit, during this period a total of nearly 220 astronauts from 17 countries around the world to work here and live. And now, the international space station continues to create new records every day.

  III: New Horizons spacecraft flyby of Pluto

Time evaluation of 20,150 space moments: the discovery of Earth 2.0

  Whatever your idea of Pluto’s status-the planets or dwarf planets, since the 30 ‘s of the last century have been found since Pluto has always been a lot of people fascinated by the object. And 8 other solar system in the “nine planets” members, Pluto has never been humanity’s probes have visited–until July 14, 2015. On this day, United States at NASA’s new horizons probe flying up close to Pluto and its 5 small satellite, closest distance from Pluto’s surface is only about 12,500 kilometers, from Earth to Pluto, New Horizons spacecraft has flown more than 7.5 billion kilometers.

  Four: to find liquid water on Mars

Time evaluation of 20,150 space moments: the discovery of Earth 2.0

  Mars in history, with a warm, moist environment, which provides possibilities for life. But that was a long time ago – perhaps more than 3 billion years ago. Since then, Mars has lost most of its atmosphere and water. In September of this year, United States announced at the Agency, according to the Agency’s Mars orbiting “Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter” (MRO) spectroscopic data obtained, the flow of liquid water still exist on the Martian surface, which may be warmer Mars low-latitude summer, freeze after melting of underground ice. But, in any case, compared to the completely dry Mars, the presence of liquid water is indeed greatly increased scientists think space for the possibility of life on Mars.

  Five: the Rosetta spacecraft on a comet discovered oxygen molecules

Time evaluation of 20,150 space moments: the discovery of Earth 2.0

  Chemistry is concerned about the details of the composition of substances, and sometimes with the further details, we tend to think of life. That is why in October this year, when Europe’s Rosetta spacecraft project team announced 67P comet jets of gas identified oxygen molecules (O2)-element instead of ozone O3 or atomic form of oxygen (O) will cause of becoming very big news.

  Two oxygen atoms of the molecule of oxygen we breathe oxygen, it is also a biological product of photosynthesis. Presence of oxygen molecules found in the Comet reminiscent of a life-friendly environment. Of course, we can determine the 67P and there is no life on the Comet, but this increase is at least the possibility of life on the Comet may, extremely low–although such a possibility is very low.

  VI: Cassini spacecraft crosses fountain of Enceladus into space

Time evaluation of 20,150 space moments: the discovery of Earth 2.0

  One of Saturn’s small satellites–Enceladus several years ago were found to have very distinctive “Fountain” (geyser) system. Analysis shows that this is due to the other satellite and Saturn on the tidal generating heat to melt the ice formed by material. Currently there is no probe landed on the surface of Enceladus, but in October this year, has been in orbit around Saturn in 2004 years United States Cassini spacecraft successfully through a fountain of Enceladus, and the sampling and analyzing the material composition. Current research group has yet to release results, but it can be expected that researchers focus still is one of the possible implications of biological signals. But whatever the outcome, it was an epic feat of flyby.

  Seven: “the deep space climate Observatory” launched

Time evaluation of 20,150 space moments: the discovery of Earth 2.0

  At a distance of 1.6 million kilometers of deep space, a detector is keeping a close eye on you-and the fact that it was closely watching every person on our planet, or more specifically, are watching our actions on Earth. The detector’s official name is called “deep space observatory” (DSCOVR), sometimes referred as “Gore-satellite” (GoreSat) because this project was in 1998 by the then United States Vice President Al Gore (Al Gore) is proposed.

  DSCOVR satellite launched in February 2015, eventually located in Sun-Earth Lagrangian point, here is the equilibrium position of the Sun and the Earth’s gravity, allowing the spacecraft to stay stable. During the run, DSCOVR satellites closely monitor global climate changes on Earth, for there to be sent back stunning panoramic images of the Earth, reminding us of our planet. Jack Spade iPhone 5 Case

  Eight: Earth 2.0: discovery of Kepler 452B

Time evaluation of 20,150 space moments: the discovery of Earth 2.0

  To be Earth-like, for a planet is not easy. To wants to became and Earth as full vitality, gave birth to diversification of biosphere, a star planet need meet many conditions: it must has solid surface, and not like Jupiter as of gaseous surface; it must has enough of gravity can bound live himself of atmosphere; addition, it also must is located in stars around of should be home with range within, this range to stars distance moderate, so liquid water can in planet of surface exists. Jack Spade iPhone 5 Case

  United States the Agency “Kepler” space telescope launched in 2009, and since then have found thousands of Exoplanet target, but the ultimate goal is always to find the real “Earth 2.0″-another world in full compliance with world standards.

  In July of this year, United States NASA announced the discovery to date and the most Earth-like extrasolar planets Kepler 452B. This is a rocky extrasolar planet located approximately 1400 light-years away. According to the measurements, the extrasolar planet 60% diameter larger than the Earth, which is perfectly acceptable. Its orbit is moderate, about 385 days a year, and also very close to Earth’s 365 days. In addition it running around stars similar to the Sun, just than the mass of the Sun is about 10%. Although slightly different, but it’s close enough, that United States NASA scientists called it an “older, slightly larger cousins of the Earth”, but so far we are unable to determine whether the planet and living life on Earth.

  Nine: the dawn spacecraft visit Ceres

Time evaluation of 20,150 space moments: the discovery of Earth 2.0

  When a ship can complete the tasks of the two spacecraft, then why bother to build two spacecraft? This is the United States NASA dawn probe of the achievements reached in March this year, when it safely into orbit around Ceres, which is the largest object in the asteroid belt. The dawn spacecraft launched in 2007, is the first probes to asteroids Vesta, 4th, arrived in Vesta in 2011 and to carry out investigation. And after more than 14 months after the mission, dawn of the indicators remain good, so the United States NASA directive tack it back, leaving the fly to Ceres, Vesta orbit.

  Never before has any spacecraft has come to any one of the two bodies. In addition, Ceres, a dwarf planet is nearest the Earth, and dawn become human first probe to study the dwarf planet.

  Ten: United States NASA spaceship for private companies pick the first astronauts

Time evaluation of 20,150 space moments: the discovery of Earth 2.0

  United States astronauts usually into space in two ways: take the United States their spacecraft into space, or taking a Russia spacecraft into space. In 2011, United States after the announced retirement of the space shuttle after a share option is becoming more and more serious. In 2014, after a round of fierce competition, United States announced at the Agency headquarters is located in Los Angeles, the SpaceX company and headquarters is located in Seattle’s Boeing become the United States used to Shuttle astronauts to the international space station at NASA’s next-generation spacecraft by private contractors.

  Signed orders contracts does not automatically mean that the two companies would have the ability to perform such tasks, first of all, they built the spacecraft must also be tested and proved to be reliable. In July, United States NASA finally released the first batch of 4 list of astronauts will take a private spacecraft to fly to the space station. Through this, NASA has demonstrated its technical capacity for private space enterprise trust. The winning all 4 crew are veterans of the international space station, they take a new private spacecraft are already can not wait. After 4 long years after the retirement of the space shuttle, at launch Center in Cape Canaveral of Florida will finally resume past the busy scene.

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