Aug 222013

Wristlets have become really popular in the recent years. It must have good reason. They make it easy for people to take their small gadget (credit card, cash, ID, a few keys and a cell phone) around their wrist. Wristlets are very small pouches that hold the bare essentials and have a strap that will fit around a woman’s wrist. Wristlets are the ideal solution when a person does not want a larger wallet. Among these amazing wristlets, there are good reason to choose a Michael Kors wristlet iPhone case.

Michael Kors Wristlet iPhone Cae

Michael Kors Wristlet iPhone Cae


The Michael Kors iPhone wristlet serves multiple functions while maintaining the high-end designer style that Michael Kors is known for. The wristlet comes equipped with multiple card slots to hold ID and credit cards in addition to the iPhone cavity.

Michael Kors Multifunctional Case

Michael Kors Multifunctional Case

2.Available in Several Colors and Prints

Available in a wide variety of prints and colors, the Michael Kors iPhone wristlet is a fashionable accent for every type of wardrobe. Choices range from fierce animal prints and flashy patent leather to metallic colored soft leather. Each wristlet has a snap closed flap to keep all belongings safely inside. Some flaps are adorned with a golden Michael Kors signature logo plate.

3.Removable Wrist Strap

The wrist strap on the wristlet is completely removable if desired. This feature allows for flexibility of use in all occasions. The wristlet is compact and lightweight allowing for easy transportation on its own or inside a purse.

4.Constructed of Quality Materials

Each Michael Kors iPhone wristlet is made with premium hand-crafted leather. The inside of the iPhone cavity is lined with a super soft leather to protect the phone from scratches on the screen and potential damage to the body.

5.Works With Most iPhone Models

The Michael Kors wristlet is compatible with most iPhone generations. It provides a snug fit to keep the phone safely inside but still allows the phone to be easily removed when needed.